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Longo Lexus gets larger

Longo Lexus, the largest Lexus dealership in the western US, will be growing even larger with the help of some substantial grants from El Monte, California (the dealership’s home) and the federal government.  Along with the adjoining Toyota dealership, this grant of $3,000,000 will be used to construct a 50,000-square-foot service facility, additional parking, a revamped show-room and a 2,500-car parking structure behind the dealership.

Clearly, this is a serious upgrade, and according to El Monte Redevelopment Director Eugene Moi, very beneficial to the city as well:

Moi said the sales tax increase resulting from the renovations has already more than covered the city’s investment. And that’s before El Monte begins to cash in on the added property tax revenues from the new facilities.“We have made a prudent investment to stimulate further investment in the city, and it has definitely worked,” Moi said.

The construction of this upgraded dealership brings with it 131 new jobs, and this is on top of the existing workforce of nearly 860 people.

[Source: SGV Tribune via Autoblog]