Lexus Launches All-Weather Drive System

Lexus has rebranded their all-wheel drive system as All Weather Drive — here’s a new commercial introduction:

Although the letters remain the same, I like the idea — it allows Lexus to promote All-Weather Drive as its own technology, rather than marketing the generic all-wheel drive. Smart move, great commercial.

(The music in the commercial is Snowflake by Malachai.)


  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    A new spin on old technology.


  • Annoinashell2000

    hope the “all weather drive” technology is some good awd system rather than being some basic awd setup.

    • krew

      I’m pretty sure it’s exactly the same system.

  • Thomas

    Wouldnt that sort of thing get you arrested in most states?

    • BlackDynamiteOnline