1992 Lexus SC 400 Dealership Video

After look at the present & future of the Lexus SC, I thought it might be interesting to look back at the model’s history—the following video is a dealership introduction for the first-generation SC 400, and is an important look back at what Lexus was trying to achieve with their first sports coupe:

Amazing when you consider that after this video was made, the SC 300/400 won the 1992 Motor Trend Import Car of the Year, and then, with only minor changes, placed on Car & Driver’s Ten Best list for seven years in a row.

No question, this was a truly special car, and one of the fundamental building blocks for Lexus’ success in the US. I wonder then, why such the huge break when the second-generation SC 430 was introduced? Was it a desire to change directions? It also makes me wonder—will the next SC build on any existing design cues, or will it be something completely different once again?

(Quick note: If you have any knowledge of similar videos to this one, please let me know.)



  1. Is that a VHS video ?
    I just downloaded some pictures of the 1992 SC400/300 yesterday & I just can’t put into words how SEDUCTIVE this car still looks after 17 years. It is inarguably one of the most beautiful 2-door cars ever. I was shocked when the SC430 came out & they made it a convertible, but at least they didn’t discontinue the line like Toyota did with the great Supra.
    I’m really tempted to get an original SC400 as a collector car but I just don’t have the time in my life to care for it… sigh.
    Really keeping my fingers crossed & hoping the 3G SC will be a coupe once again.

  2. What a beauty…

    The SC is actually a great candidate for trying new things with, but new has to be good.

  3. wow… so much passion has gone into this car.

  4. I have a big question!

    Is the LS the ONLY model EVER to have electronically adjustable headrests and seatbelts?!

  5. I’ve wondered why the SC 430 was so different from the SC 400.  One possible reason—sales.  Although the SC 400 was a big hit at its launch, like most coupes it had a large sales decline within a few years, even despite the intro of the SC 300.  That’s probably why they went for a higher-cost, lower-volume approach with the SC 430—at one time the most expensive of the Lexus models.  One similarity—both evidently were kept on the same long model cycle.  I hope that for the next gen they can combine both attributes of the SC 400 and SC 430, perhaps with the looks and size of the former, with the option of a convertible/roadster like the latter.

  6. 3rd Gen GS’s have electrically adjustable headrests that move up and down as the seat goes forward and back - but there is a hidden manual operation release under the seat leather.

    Excellent video - thanks for sharing!

  7. 2 WoL :
    Good question. As far as I know the W140 S-class of 1991 came with seatbelts that adjusted automatically to the position of the driver’s seat. It didn’t have a rocker switch like the LS which was the first production car to have that. No other Lexus has the switch. The Porsche Cayenne also has the same seatbelt switch but located on the front seat sides near the seat switches. But its a Lexus innovation.
    Electric headrests are available in many cars & I believe Mercedes introduced it before Lexus with their trademark pictogram switches on the doors. The Merc CL-class also used to have power adjustable INSIDE rear view mirrors but discontinued now.

  8. Those power adjustable inside rear view mirrors looked pretty classy and was actually pretty useful.

    Anyways, I don’t see a reason for patents for something as simple as power adjustable headrests and seatbelts. They’re just so convenient, and they make the car feel cleaner and more upscale. The new LS even has power adjustable headrests for the rear occupants.

    Sigh… I didn’t get to see if my loaner IS had those collapsible rear headrests.

  9. The 3rd SC will be very different; aspiration-building.

  10. Thought I was the only one who noticed the power inside RVM’s in the CL.
    It would be great if Lexus could add this feature to the next gen LS & tie it to the memory function thus making all driving position parameters ( seat, steering wheel, 3 mirrors, seatbelt ) power adjustable & memory linked.

  11. Considering it’s from 1992, I’d expect it’s a VHS. wink

    You would not believe the amount of times this year that I’ve considered buying an old SC 400—the design keeps looking better and better to me.

  12. Now I understand the nostalgia some collectors have for classic cars & Ford’s reasoning behind the retro design of the current Mustang. Maybe Lexus should adopt a similar theme for the next SC ie go back to the roots of the original car.

  13. I bought a Pearl White 95 SC400 (in immaculate condition!!) the day this video was posted after waiting and searching for the right one and I could not be happier. If you ever get the chance to own one, jump on it, you will not be disappointed.