Lexus ES & RX Pebble Beach Commercial, plus Pricing

Two pieces of Lexus Pebble Beach news today, first off, the much searched-for Pebble Beach commercial has surfaced on Youtube:

Not much to the commercial, it’s strictly an announcement-style advertisement, but the Pebble Beach edition color really catches my attention. It’s nice to see it on more than just the SC 430.

The other news has to do with pricing. The PBE RX 350 has been on the Lexus site since the middle of February, and costs a premium of $3,880 over the regular RX. However, the pricing for the ES 350 PBE was announced today, which will be a $4,170 option. (Remember, there’s only to be 6,000 of each model made.)



  1. I work for a Lexus dealership in Texas and we just got two of the Pebble Beach Edition RX350. They are both about $45,000.

  2. So the dealership is charging a premium of $3,000 over the Lexus USA site?

  3. No I think they had other options as well…The prices listed on the Lexus website are base models…they are never seen at the dealership.

  4. Ah, I had assumed there weren't too many options available for this special edition, that they were total top-of-the-line.

  5. All Lexus are built to a standard option level depending on the region of the country. As with any Luxury manufacturer you will never see a base modle car. You can go to any website and build the car any way you want but that will not match the standard production that is stream lined at the factory.

  6. does anyone know the song in the background of this commercial? or if it is even a song and not some computerized bars of music?

  7. The music is written by a company called Robot Repair, there’s more information here.