Lexus’ LX 570 Presentation Videos

The Auto Network has posted up the full LX 570 presentation given by Lexus to the press in late 2007, and it’s a incredible collection of facts and information, detailing every aspect of the vehicle, from its technical specifications to its marketing plan.

The first part is a general overview of the LX 570, presented by Nancy Fein, VP of Customer Service:

The second part is a presentation by Charles Hubbard, and is a highly detailed 20 minute technical breakdown of the new SUV, including a demonstration of the Crawl Control feature. (The sound’s a little low so be sure to turn up your speakers):

Part three examines the LX 570’s marketing plan, including analysis of the SUV’s prospective customers:

Lastly, is a short Question & Answer period, which also suffers from low sound volume:

I came away feeling much more informed on the new SUV, and found Charles Hubbard’s presentation to be an excellent display of the LX 570’s capabilities.



  1. Why doesn’t the LX 570 offer HD Xenon headlamps?

  2. Hello Kei,

    The LX 570 doesn’t have HD Xenon lights due to the height of the vehicle’s lamps, which are right in the eyes of any oncoming traffic.

    It’s a road safety issue.

  3. Concerning the question of HID Xenon Headlamps, if this is a safety issue why is it that the competitors (Escalade, Mercedes and BMW) all have HID Xenon Headlamps on their SUVs?

  4. Yes, it’s a strictly Lexus thing to not put HIDs in their large SUVs—the company line is that it’s for safety, and it makes sense to me.  Why other companies chose differently, I’m not really sure.

  5. I think that it is ridiculous to not offer HID in their full sized suv’s. Apparently all other manufacturers like Cadillac, Range Rover, BMW, and Mercedes don’t know of this saftey that they are speaking of…it makes no sense. I love the LX, but I would not want to pay in excess of 70k for halogen 55 watt lighting….

  6. @Anon: I have strong doubts it has anything to do with the cost of the vehicle, but rather it seems to be a decision made by the company not to include it.