Federal Government Continues Lexus ES 350 Investigation

Lexus ES 350 Floor Mats

The U.S. federal government is continuing its investigation into the Lexus ES 350, which has been linked to 40 separate complaints of unintended acceleration, causing eight crashes and twelve injuries. What’s the cause? All-weather floor mats:

Toyota Motor Corp. told NHTSA [National Highway Traffic Safety Association] it sent a mailing to ES 350 owners in late April warning them about improper installation of the all-weather floor mat. The mat should be secured with clips and shouldn’t be placed over the standard floor mat. Toyota also said it changed the labeling on the floor mat.

NHTSA is now deciding whether Toyota’s actions were sufficient.

Lexus spokesman Greg Thome said because the investigation is ongoing, it’s too early to say whether floor mats are definitely causing the alleged defect.

If you own an ES 350, please make sure the all-season floor mats are secured properly and that the carpet floor mats are removed.

[Source: Forbes]

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  1. My Mother has a Lexus ES350. Yesterday she had a really bad accident. She was at a light and when the light turned green she made a left and she pressed on the gas to go and the car made a weird noise the tiers were skipping and the car started to go faster & faster. My mother tried to brake and the brakes would not work. She hit two cars and had a head on collosion. The cars acceleration took off and the cars was under conteol. Thank god for the airbags, my mother would not be alive today. Lexus must investigate my lawyer is looking into this. This car must not be on the road with this proble. It could kill more people. My mother was very lucky. Thank you SAFE DRIVING.

  2. That's a very scary story, Patricia, all the best to your mother and I wish her a speedy recovery.

  3. Lexus has a serious problem putting many of its owners at
    risk. On Aug. 24,2009 a similar thing happened to me while driving my 2006 Lexus ES. I was driving through a residential neighborhood on a four-lane divided road. As I approached a stop sign, I push the brake to slow down and it went right to the floor. I swerved to the right lane to avoide the 3 cars stopped in my lane at the stop sign and again, the brakes went to the floor. I had no option but to head for the sidewalk and the grass. I had four of my grandchildren in the car with me. The car did not slow down but continued to accelerate on its own. It literally flew over the cross street, across the median, and over the other side of the cross street and only stopped when it hit the brick wall holding an electronic Shell service station sign. My car was totalled. I hit several stop signs, small trees and other obstacles. The air bags went off and no one in the car was injured other than bruises and scrapes from the seat belts. However, even the sun roof was broken. It was a terrible accident and one that shouldn’t have happened. It was a miracle that we didn’t hit any of the cross traffic or pedestrians. A witness told me he saw the entire episode and he knew I had my brakes on because the brake lights were on but the car wasn’t slowing down. I was NOT ticketed for this accident. However, contemplating what happened, I did a search on the Internet for Lexus brake problems. I found http://www.autocoverup.com which states that there have been more than 450 accidents with Lexus ES and IS and other Toyota products for uncontrolled acceleration. My husband is a Registered Professional Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering who has worked for two major auto companies and in the Automotive Research Dept. of Southwest Research Institute. He says that the problem with these cars is not with the brakes but that the accelerator and the brakes are controlled by a computer. Apparently if the computer malfunctions it takes over the acceleration. When this happens it overrides the brakes and that’s why they wouldn’t work when I applied them. There have been deaths from this problem and all Lexus owners need to be aware of this. I’d advise all Lexus owners to check out autocoverup.com just for their own information and safety.

  4. I would like to correct the date of my accident. It was July 24, 2009 not Aug. 24.

  5. I just incurred a similar experience with out of control accerleration with my ES350 2007. Fortunately no one was injured. What is happening?  This was a terrifying experience with major body damage to my car!! The Lexus dealership will look at a possible “Throttle Sensor Problem,” which they say is unlikely. I did have an all weather mat in the car, but it was some distance from the accelerator.  This definitely needs attention!!!

  6. Marianne, my insurance company is suing Toyota for the malfunction of my Lexus. The company has had several lawsuits regarding this issue but their expert witnesses examine the brakes and tell the court that “there is nothing wrong with the brakes.” However, the problem is not with the brakes but the computer and it’s the computer that needs to be examined.
    My youngest son is also a professional engineer who is very involved with safety issues. He found out that these Lexus models (ES & IS) are equipped with an Event Data Recorder that documents what the car was doing at the time of the accident. My son says any lawsuit should involve seeing what the EDR has recorded.
    We have another Lexus but it is an older model and the brakes and accelerator are controlled by the driver not a computer. We really liked our 06, however, we will not buy another Lexus because the company hasn’t admitted it has a problem. Now, everytime I see these beautiful cars, I shudder wondering if the owner knows the danger. For those who encounter this horrible situation in the future, try to put the car in neutral if you have time. My accident happened in a split second and I am thankful that only the car was damaged to the tune of $25,000 plus the Shell Station sign, several small trees and gardens and several stop signs.