Federal Government Continues Lexus ES 350 Investigation

Lexus ES 350 Floor Mats

The U.S. federal government is continuing its investigation into the Lexus ES 350, which has been linked to 40 separate complaints of unintended acceleration, causing eight crashes and twelve injuries. What’s the cause? All-weather floor mats:

Toyota Motor Corp. told NHTSA [National Highway Traffic Safety Association] it sent a mailing to ES 350 owners in late April warning them about improper installation of the all-weather floor mat. The mat should be secured with clips and shouldn’t be placed over the standard floor mat. Toyota also said it changed the labeling on the floor mat.

NHTSA is now deciding whether Toyota’s actions were sufficient.

Lexus spokesman Greg Thome said because the investigation is ongoing, it’s too early to say whether floor mats are definitely causing the alleged defect.

If you own an ES 350, please make sure the all-season floor mats are secured properly and that the carpet floor mats are removed.

[Source: Forbes]

[Photo: Club Lexus Thread]