MKV Toyota Supra Master Thread (2021 gets power bump + 4cyl model)

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Everyone is just trying to get clicks on the Supra right now, even Doug Demuro. All that headline "I told you so" porn.

Its pretty sad.
I thought that too before I watched the video to be honest and I haven't driven the car yet. But I 100% understand what he means. He's right. The nature of the Supra as of it's current state, is a track beast and an asphalt eating monster on the road. I like that quality, but people want to have some other joys of driving, like being more relaxed. Having a stick like the 86 helps a lot with that. He also mentioned how the fact that the 86 is lighter weight (obviously) and in specific, more or less 550 lbs lighter. The 86 also has heavier steering which makes it more fun to drive. The Supra's steering is very light (it works with the configuration of the car perfectly) and could have a more sportier ratio like the 86.

All in all, the Supra is objectively the better car in every single way. It could work on being a little bit more "emotional" to drive like the 86. I think a slight drop in weight, heavier steering feel with a sportier ratio and a good stick will relieve all of those issues.

Also, there are some other sh*tty reviews on the internet. Everyone shat on those journalists immediately because the majority understands the car and REALIZES it's a good car as well. Those sh*tty reviews I say mostly consisted of them ranting about the BMW partnership. To which I say to them, f*ck off.


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Yall know I'm in the industry and I wish I could share whats coming for Tokyo Auto Salon. To say the aftermarket is excited about this car would be a tremendous undestatement..

That said it will also for sure be the hottest car at SEMA 2019 this year....


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I can’t say that I have anything constructive to add to this thread, only my opinions of the car. The more I read about the Supra, the more impressed I am with its overall performance. I understand the complaints that have been expressed in some automotive magazines and websites, as well as online automotive forums, with regards to the lack of a manual transmission, but this car definitely competes, and holds its own, against the likes of the BMW M2 Competition and the Porsche 718 Cayman S. In my opinion, it’s a true sports car and the best bang-for-the-buck in its class. Yes, I do wish a manual transmission was an option, however.

I also understand the complaints expressed by Toyota purists with regards to this not being a proper Supra, due to it being codeveloped with BMW. Perhaps the Supra name should not have been used. Regardless, this appears to be a fantastic sports car.