Lexus IS C Convertible Returns for 2015 Model Year

Lexus IS C 2015

While the Lexus IS F has just ended its production run, the IS C will live to see another year — Lexus will continue to build the six-year-old convertible despite being based on the previous generation IS sedan.

(This decision can be easily explained — while the RC F will succeed the IS F in the lineup, there is no immediate convertible replacement for the IS C.)

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  1. Hopefully it doesn't have a gigantic hunchback ass anymore
  2. Why not just make a new generation IS C or an RC Convertible? Ugh Lexus, why so slow? :(
    • I think their engineering capacities are too low in relation to German manufacturers. AND: Lexus always has an eye on quality and reliability and that takes time :-)
    • I don't think so: Just look at Audi, they have replaced a very important (for them) model as the A3 after almost 10 yrs with 3 yrs of delay.
    • PG

      that was because of the delayed rollout and early issues with the revolutionary MQB platform. Also, the A3's age never really showed in terms of sales figures.
    • "Also the A3 age never really showed in terms of sales figures..." I don't think so, just look at its numbers in the US and in Europe in 2011-2012: it was totally overwhelmed by the A Class and the second gen. 1er BMW F20 and it didn't sell well not even with the new generation, it has started to sell only when the 5 door sportback and the (ugly) sedan version arrived in the showroom.
  3. Lexus needs new RC Convertible with hard-top, just as BMW 4 Series Convertible with hard-top.
  4. I think it's a good news: It's awful when a model come out of production without to be instantly replaced as it happened with the gorgeous SC 430. BMW did the same when the beautiful 8 Series E31 ended its cycle (1990-2000) and they replaced the 8 series only in 2004 with the 6 Series, that wasn't a smart move for BMW albeit the new coupe was beautiful. But I'm curious to know the monthly sales of the IS C...if they want to keep it in production even with some updates that means someone still buy it.
    • Th E31 ended production in May 1999, not in 2000. The E63 barely began development in 1999 and factory production in September 2003, so there was no point in keeping a model that was losing money. I have these sketches of the Z40 SC from 1997, being that 1998 is when it was finalised and approved by the Toyota board. Never trust model years as a direct reference to production/introduction. Toyota planned to replace it much earlier, but clearly Akio Toyoda's predecessor's proposals were rejected in favour of a ground-up redo vis-a-vis LF-LC by 2015, now 2016..
    • The production is ended in may 99 but the 840Ci has remained in their lineup until december 99 at least in EU.I still have some magazine of that time and there was the 840 regularly in the list of the new cars on sale. The 6 Series Coupe was launched in january 2004 and the Convertible two months later.
  5. And I have another point: The SC 430 has aged so much better than the Mercedes SL R230: Today, when you drive around with a 2002 SL you look like wannabe as hell, the car itself has aged in the worst possible way cause it was too bigger and austere and even excessive in some particulars such as the tailights while the SC looks better today than when it was released: At that time (summer 2001) it was kinda of a "spaceship-roadster", too futuristic for its time. But today it's just look clean, sleek & sexy. I was reading some interesting comments on Club Lexus Forum about the fact that the SC will be a future classic and the one that gets my attention most has been posted by an ex SL owner from UK, he said "I am getting more compliments on my SC than my 500 SL when I use to the Benz".
    • Yeah, i myself didnt understand the top gear hate of the sc. I absolutly love the looks of that car. It looks like nothing on the road, very unique. That episode was just Geremy Clarkson hating on lexus like he also tried sway the young and midless people to hate the LFA wich only worked for a short while and got overcomed by other Juarnalists that kept praising the LFA. Notice how Top Gear also treated the Lexus LS400 a car that is soo special it changed everything, they played chaldish games with it. I thought it was very disrespectful
    • In another episode they did the same to a Porsche 996 and that's been a partial consolation for me but only until to a certain extent: the 996 has been the worst generation ever made in the story of the 911 while the LS 400 UCF10 at that time has been recognized as the best car of the world and even today gets the maximum respect from any car enthusiast. But the things are changed: after said that the LFA is still better than the Ferrari F12 J.C. is still praising the RC F and consider what that car is capable of, I wouldn't be surprised to see a replica.
    • J.C after the the LFA he watches what he says now because when he critisize a car that everybody loves he looses credibility, that the mistake hes not going to make regarding the RCF. He bashed the LFA badly on its first TG episode, He dont fool me, they made the LS400 into a police car, and the SC is not an ugly car
  6. MT

    Never seen even one in real life. Has anyone ever actually baught one?
    • Depends from where you live, I saw several of them where I live and I even found a couple of used exemplar for sale on the italian website Autoscout24, the best one is a 2010,black with leather grey interiors at 24.000 euro (32,000$ circa).
    • That is somewhat a short-sighted way of looking at it, in basing it on strictly personal experience. We all live in greatly differing regions/areas and amongst different circles, so it can be variable. It is far from a big seller that the IS saloon is, but still has its market. I prefer the Q60 and F33 4er over it and believe Lexus can do better. My sister owns a 2011 IS350 C, as well as seven more individuals I know across the UK, Nigeria, South Africa, and the US. Five out of 8 of them (including my sister) are USD millionaires (self-made, family). One sees a few here and there when stateside, mainly IS250s.
  7. This is understandable, as the RC coupe was just launched for the 2015 model year. My sister is waiting for an RC cabriolet to replace her 2011 IS350C. Lexus better have an approved cabriolet design, being prepared for late 2015 or January-April 2016 launch.
  8. Oh boy, Lexus is always late! I went to bmw the other day and they already have the 4 series gran coupe and x4. Where is the GS F, IS F and RC convertible Lexus?
  9. Who knows the monthly/years sales of the IS C since 2009.
  10. I see a lot of IS converts in BC, Canada, and notice the 350 is hard to find in the resale mkt, with prices high, as most Lexus vehicles are. I don't think we will see a new RC convert for at least 2 more years, with of course rumours of a new higher end flag ship convert.