More Lexus & BMW Supercar Rumors

Lexus LFA II by Lexus & BMW

Japanese magazine Best Car remains convinced that Lexus & BMW are working together on a new LFA supercar, devoting their cover to the idea for the second time in six months.

Here’s a better look at the rendering:

Lexus LFA BMW Supercar

The rumor of BMW & Lexus working on a next-generation supercar is a recurring theme, but it makes little sense. The LFA was a proud moment for Lexus, and it’s the best possible example of the brand’s new design/performance focus — why dilute that powerful statement by involving a rival car company with its successor?

[Source: Best Car]


  1. Not feeling that rendering.
  2. The spindle grille is missing. Well I'm more excited to see the production model of the LF-LC than this, which was already confirmed for production. :)
  3. MD

    Again, BS rumors. I just wish these nonsense and illogical rumors just stop. Lexus would never collaborate with BMW on LFA 2. Lexus already has prep'ed the 5.3 Liter V10 that will be used in the next LFA. There is no value BMW can add since Lexus already had done all of the work in LFA 1.
    • Why not? BMW is one of the best carmaker (talking about the whole car history) when it comes to sportscar, just remember the flamboyant 1978 M1 or the amazing Z8 which has been their last supercar, now they have the i8 and that's a beautiful supercar with an amazing hybrid powertrain that I wouldn't mind to find on this Lexus. Strange forum, people are always ready to blame BMW's while, in the same time, they praise Audi wich cannot even hold a candle to BMW.
    • MD

      I am not arguing. I am just telling this will never happen since Lexus has nothing to gain from it. The BMW/Toyota collaboration is nothing more than a Z4/FT-1 project collaboration. That is it. Lexus already has done something BMW has never even come close to (and don't tell me M1 even for its time was anywhere close to the LFA. No M1 was not anywhere close to Lambo and BMW. Read the reviews). Lexus has done all of the groundwork with the LFA and have one of the very best engines ever made with all of the carbon fiber looming process. There is no way Lexus would ever get in bed with BMW. Like someone else wrote, the M division chief was making fun of the RC-F saying it will not be able to compete with the M4. He is merely echoing the sentiments of how BMW forums and owners feel about Lexus. There is no way Lexus would build an LFA successor with BMW. Mark my words down.
    • PG

      For someone so convinced you don't provide much in terms of rational arguments.
    • Why? He is 100% correct and all of his arguments seem rational. Lexus has absolutely ZERO to gain from building a super car with BMW. I could see benefits in making FT-1 shared with Z4 as a sports car, but there is nothing Lexus can gain from BMW in the super car world since Lexus is completely on a different level in exotic super car world.
    • The best BMW can do for a hefty $120,000 is a 4300 lbs pig called M6 that wobbles all over the track and is numb, sterile driving experience and the best it can do around Nurburgring on racing slick tires is 7:55.
    • Fkc audi! I have a huge problem with Lexus owners/fans who bash BMW and praise Audi. They just doing it out of slight. #petpeeve #wegoingtowar I str8 regulate on some foo's if they do that in person.
  4. Anything to sell magazines. No matter how laughable they are.
  5. No way! not possible (I hope), they can't just tarnish all the work and dedication on the LFA like that, not now at least, it's way too early in the game for a replacement for such an amazing car.
  6. Recently, the BMW M division chief was making fun of the RC-F and claiming it cannot compete with the M4 because according to him "it is not a race bred car" (yeah, complete BS since RC-F is far more race bred than this current generation turbo M4). You seriously think a brand that makes fun of Lexus' biggest effort in recent times will be collaborating on a super car? That is absolutely laughable! Why bother even publishing these rumors when they don't have any merit whatsoever?
    • He can eat his words back becaude the RC F was even co-developed with the IS F CCS-R, and even had it's engine on it and ran on the Pikes Peak and other races. Boy I'm starting to wonder what BMW is doing, first the FWD they're going to make and now this?
  7. A fair bit of confusion regarding the BMW/Toyota collaboration. Is it an LFA-replacement? Is it a Z4-type of car? Is it the Toyota FT-1 (Supra)? I have absolute faith it'll turn out to be something great,whatever it is.
  8. BS! LFA II is pure Lexus. LC (a.k.a LF-LC) is pure Lexus. BMW/Toyota car is yet a long way. It will be the Z4 replacement, then 6 Series replacement, and likely GT86 replacement.
  9. Current LFA looks so much better than that rendering. And two rivals working on Halo Car??? Makes no sense.
  10. Lexus is PERFECT... Why would you want to ruin it NOW!
  11. Well, I beleive there is a truth behind this. It may not be the next Lexus LFA but it makes perfect sense for BMW & Lexus to work on such a collaboration. Laying out the facts. BMW is one of the leading mass production luxury performance car manufacturers, infact their engines are very sophisticated and high tech. Not to add that they are the masters of turbocharging. This is a market niche where Lexus has just started to think about. At the same time Lexus is the leading mass production luxury hybrid cars manufacturer. Guys, don't be angry but Lexus has continuously failed to produce an engine that meets the perforemance levels of competitors. LFA, 560 BHP 5.3 V10 wow, how about M6 4.4 V8 twin turbo 570 HP, that is the real wow. Why is it taking them a long time to announce the final RCF engine specs, I will tell you, because the new M4 is not as poweful but will most definetly beat the track records, thus the Lexus engineers are tweeking the hell out of the 5.0 V8 carryover outdated engine.
    • You serious? You can't fool anybody on here, we all know your real name is "BMW fan#1". Comparing NA V10 to TC V8? How about McLaren V8, 3.8l V8, 650 PS, 8.500 RPM redline? BMW leader in turbocharging? Never have been, Toyota had a much better turbocharged I6, with higher potential and reliability than BMW. And specs for the RC-F are out: 477 PS and 530 Nm.
    • MD

      You are clueless. Since when did BMW M6 become an LFA competitor? It does not hold a candle in any shape or for form. Since when did the LFA production V10 become 5.3 Liter V10? It was a 4.8 Liter V10 and don't even start comparing the LFA V10 that was based on an F1 engine(which is ranked one of the greatest engines of all times) to a silly 4.4 Liter V8 turbo engine. M6 does not compete with the LFA in any shape or form. It cannot come close to the LFA in track performance in any shape or form. Last time, C&D lightnining lap, M6's lap time was 6 seconds slow than the LFA around Virginia Raceway. My neighbors turbo STI makes 700 HP with turbo engines. You are going to tell me it is a better engine? You have no clue. So keep your silly biased and nonsensical rhetoric to yourself/
    • Everything you wrote was so poorly written and so skewed, I could only laugh. Comparing the M6 to the LFA shows how big of a joke you are. Plus, the M6 V8 TT makes 560 PS and not 570 PS (which is 552 HP) and that thing is a 4400 lbs pig. Also, you don't even know the engine size of the LFA, how could you be trolling this form then? It is 4.8 Liter V10 and not a 5.3 Liter V10 (that is the code X race car). You are comparing a 4400 lbs grand touring sports coupe to an exotic supercar. That is just as silly as it gets. An exotic supercar that had the engine hailed as one of the greatest with its F1 engine sound and response, with the highest revving 9500 rpm redline. Last time I checked, LFA's laptimes were miles ahead of the M6 so don't make ludicrous comments like that.
    • Guys, take it easy. I am very happy to see that my comment flared up a hot discussion or an attack. Not knowing the exact displacement of the LFA engine isnt a crime. After all it is a big failure for Lexus, that is a supercar that took them 10 years to develop to finally produce 500 units at a tremendous cost not making any profit. I dont want 2 explain why I compared the LFA engine to the M6, but if you understand how and why these engines where developed you would see my point. i am a Lexus owner and fan. If u dont believe it I can prove it.
    • Failure? Are you kidding? Yeah, bean counters are the worst enemies for greatness. No other Lexus/Toyota brand has done anything close to what Lexus LFA has done. It put Lexus on the map of the most serious journalists in the world. Single handedly, it was heaped with awards even beating out Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches etc. It was deemed one of the very greatest cars ever made. It made it in the top 10 greatest cars in Top Gear, an avid hater of Lexus named Jeremy Clarkson still calls it the best car he has ever driven and I could go on for a long time. That is all before the R&D that was put in the LFA and how it benefitted from it. The carbon fiber patented looming process, the V10 that is smaller and lighter than a V6, LCD gauge clusters, lightweight engineering that was utilized in RC-F came from the LFA etc. In a holistic view, Lexus LFA single handedly did more in 2 years for the brand than all of the other Toyota/Lexus cars combined.
    • I think that u dont see the pattern. Lexus is running an aggressive marketing campaign in which people like Jeremy Clarkson are encouraged (I dont like to use aby other term) to say that they hate Lexus but still think that the LFA is the best car they have ever driven. Talking about the loom. I think you should understand what parts are favricated in the loom, it is merely the accessories. The loom serves as a university project breakthrough and as a figure of wealth both financial and knowledge. It is not a practical industry level mass production solution. Oh look we discovered how to make our cars look and sound cool, we envented an awsome machinr that makes carbon fiber parts. We have found our spirit, this car inspired us. That is the gains Lexus got from the LFA. This is simple by the book marketing, focus on the bright side. Jeremy Clarkson clearly stated that the Nissan GTR is 9/10 of a car that the LFA is at 1/5 the price.
    • Don't argue on silly things. That was well before he ever had done the entire road trip in the US in the LFA. Top Gear ranked LFA in the top 10 greatest cars of all times while Nissan GTR was #15. He called Lexus LFA "the most exciting car I have ever driven" and called Nissan GTR driving experience "numb, sterile and boring". There is no comparison between what he said regarding the LFA.
    • MD

      Agreed. Lexus LFA has done more for the brand than any other car Toyota/Lexus ever built. It put Lexus on the map and also was a testing bed for new engineering and technology that is now getting used in RC-F, GS and IS etc. Clarkson said, at the end of the US road trip, if he was given a choice to pick one car ever built, he would pick a blue Lexus LFA. Also, he said during the Ferrari F12 review, "the only car that holds a candle to the Lexus LFA, is this Ferrari F12" and then while closing the show, he said "I would much rather have a Lexus LFA". Case in point, Clarkson hates Lexus for building boring, bland and dull cars, but loved the proper and sincere effort.
    • Your a idiot. First your BMW M3 couldn't out handle the Lexus ISF with the updated suspension and tied with Lexus on track times. As to the M4 the new RCF will out handle any BMW period and will come in close to 500 HP when they announce finally numbers. BMW has never been known for building any V8 engines that build great HP per cubic inch they have to use Turbo's and that's a sign of being weak in the technology arena. Turbos are not the preferred choice to build HP superchargers are. Explain this this years GT 500 race series the new RCF has won the first 4 races and taken 6 of the 7 first positions and beating the GTR,the new Concept NSX, Lambo and viper etc with the same engine that's in the production model but has 540 Hp and BTW the RCF it's HP rating is BWHP unlike flywheel HP rating that BMW . BMW days are over as a idea of any performance thought, nobody considers BMW as a performace race car, super car or Road race car they only have a M3 and the Lexus has LFA which is probably the best all around car ever made, the ISF and now the new Beast the RCF and more GS F, LF LC, SC F and RCF-FS, a new ISF coming and all of them having over 475 HP to 640HP plus so you better wake bro because BMW, AUDI and the rest of them are done
  12. So to continue. Lexus excellent most advanced market leading hybrid powertrain + BMWs advanced market leading high tech turbocharged engine = a super market leading mass product that is way ahead of the competition, I strongly believe that is what is going to be expected from such a partnership, advancement of both parties, since each party can learn from one another.
    • MD

      And thus make the most overweight and boring, bland car that sounds like a vaccum cleaner. Good one BMW fan #1. The M6 already with all of the carbon fiber doodads is 4400 lbs with only a 4.4 Liter V8, having all of that extra gear shows you know nothing about engine design.
    • Replace the most heavenly 4.8 Liter V10 that revs up to 9500 rpm and revs in only 0.5 seconds to redline. That is, the engine that was ranked superior to Ferraris and Lamborghini engines. You are suggesting it should be replaced by an overweight, bland and boring GT pig? What are you on?
  13. BMW/Toyota collaboration is only to the FT-1/BMW Z4 development. That is it. No supercar collaboration. Lexus has already developed a new 5.3 Liter V10 that is being tested in racing with the LFA Code X. It will be mated to a hybrid electic motor and easily could produce over 900 HP easily with 9500 - 10,000 rpm redline.
  14. I BELIEVE the rumors! 1. It is well known that BMW and Lexus have been working on SOMETHING in Japan, and BMW needs a super car above the i8. 2. Lexus has been running LFA mules over the last two years, even after the LFA left production. R&D for whatever is coming next. 3. Lexus will split the costs with BMW anyway, so why not make a better car at half the costs? It's just a smart business decision. The LFA strengthened the brand globally, and leaving the LFA to become the Acura NSX doesn't make sense long term. 4. You really think Akio Toyoda is done making sports cars? Really? The man obviously has a fetish, and he has infinite resources, and a partner that wants to help.... BD
    • Well, as stated before, considering the M division chief was mocking the F division and saying the RC-F would not be able to compete with the M4 (as ignorant and laughable that sounds), there is no way Lexus is getting in bed with the BMW M division on this.
    • You can look at it another way. 1. Lexus already has spent the money on the LFA platform and the hard bits. They can just change the styling and engine power to make the next LFA. 2. Lexus has plenty of experience with carbon fiber (they have a loom to make it themselves, turbocharging, a 5.3L V10 they're testing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and hybrid tech. They don't need BMW the make super cars. BMW needs them. BD
    • BMW/Toyota(Lexus) collaboration yes, only for a new modular sportscar platform, but not on the LFA. BMW is too late in the process, just as Honda is too late in the process in regards to McLaren's 911 fighter.
  15. LEXUS has far more originality than this.. Looks like a Lamborghini and I don't like Lamborghini's...
  16. Now this is what I'm taking about. Listen up FOOLS! Stop twerking on the keyboards because this is the perfect, and I mean PERFECT MR2. Yeah, forreal! If Toyota can somehow (Yen/Dollar) wise figure out to engineer a mid-engine MR2 once more. This can work! I love it. Definitely will slot below the new Supra. Conquer another part of the market though not taking away or cannibalizing Supra sales. This is a brilliant render that needs a bit of tweeking to become the all new Toyota Mister Two! #lol not kidding though seriously. Toyota has taken and survived this rough decade. Need to celebrate their brand by bringing back their Icons. Mister Two, Celica, Supra. Winning hearts one real (rwd) sports car at a time. Put some thought into this and it's legit! P.S Lexus/BMW will not carry over to both respective flagship jet fighters. #nothappening However, the partnership will benefit towards the other models. The cross synergies in development, man power, technical & etc.. will allow both companies to drastically reduce expenditure on producing the next _____ car. The non-halo, non-flagship type models. One caveat, the Supra is a halo car IMO, but you get where I'm going. Should free up their secret labs in Munich & Cologne to spend that saved Dollar on their next project.
  17. Looks like a Lotus Espirit
  18. I hope this have a front mid-engine just like the first one.
  19. Why they cease the production ?