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JM Lexus in Florida is the World’s Top Selling Lexus Dealership (Again)

The Sun Sentinel has a feature on the JM Lexus in Florida, the top-selling Lexus dealership in the world:

The Margate-based dealership has sold more new Lexus vehicles than any other store worldwide for 22 years in a row. Last year, it widened its lead over its closest rival to another record, outselling No. 2 by 1,136 vehicles. JM Lexus sold 5,974 new vehicles last year and expects to top 7,000 this year, close to its pre-recession peak.

That’s a long way from the store’s opening in 1989 and the 880 new Lexus vehicles it sold in its first full year in business.

JM Lexus is an amazing success story, and the dealership management continues to push innovation in the sales process — here’s a quote from a recent Automotive News profile:

Jim Dunn, general manager at JM Lexus, believes that if it isn’t broken, then break it and make it better.

That philosophy led the Margate, Fla., dealership in March 2012 to replace its traditional salespeople with product specialists who help customers find the vehicles that best fit their needs.

After that, the specialists step aside and leave price negotiations and financing to sales managers.

Eliminating the middleman from negotiating has helped the dealership cut the time a customer spends in the store after deciding to buy a specific vehicle to 2.5 hours from 3.5 hours, including delivery.

[Source: Sun Sentinel & Automotive News]

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    Lexus Cohen
  • May 2, 2014
JM Lexus is very nice, but I'll stick to Lexus of North Miami.
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  • May 3, 2014
In Poland we sold 1000 pcs nationwide in 2013 and.that was.huge succes...