Lexus to Sell Supercharged LX 570 in the Middle East?

Lexus LX Supercharger

Lexus will apparently begin selling a supercharged LX 570 in the Gulf Arab States — here are the first photos, found on the Toyota4Arab forum:

There’s also an image of the supercharged engine:

Lexus LX 570 Supercharged Engine

According to Club Lexus poster UZJ100GXR, this is an limited edition factory package and not an aftermarket or dealer installed option. There are no official details just yet, but the supercharger should boost the LX over 500 hp.

(The Lexus Technical Center in Russia successfully installed a TRD supercharger in an LX 570 in 2011, and the engine photo looks very much like the one above.)

[Source: Toyota4Arab]