New Lexus GS Commercial Takes a Swing at its Competitors

Lexus GS Commercial Hypnotize

Lexus USA also released a new GS commercial that takes its competitors to task — the video starts with a behind-the-scenes look at how the commercial was filmed:

Great to see the GS getting this type of marketing exposure two years after its initial release — considering the sedan’s recent sales success, it’s well deserved.

(Thanks Antwan!)


  1. Lexus, always creating amazing!
  2. Cool ad much better then the new "F" one posted the other day.
  3. Mmmmm, having a go at the 5 series for having a 4 cylinder engine, which the voice over guy almost chokes over, is perhaps the reason the IS300h and GS300h is NOT available in North Amercia. Problem is, this is short sighted IMHO. Also worth remembering that the RWD IS and GS 300h models are more powerful than the FWD ES300h. One has to wonder how long Lexus NA can keep up this argument. One is reminded of Virgin Atlantic's "4 engines 4 long haul" campaign when they bought Airbus A340 aircraft when they should really have bought big twins like everyone else. It's not for nothing that the A340 is being replaced by the 2 engined A350, and the 2 engined A330 always outsold it. Mercedes Benz has just announced a 4 cylinder diesel hybrid engine for the S Class in the UK. It wouldn't surprise me if Lexus UK never sells another LS600h here. The game has just moved on, get with it.
    • Lexus dont compete With the cheap-cheap, lousy, bottom of the line 4-cylinder (diesel) engined cars of BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Toyota Corp has Toyota for just that. Lexus is Premium/luxury and will hopefully stay that way in spite of whining and bad advice from People like you!
    • Someday, Lexus will use charged 4-bangers, but why not let the market know you have an advantage. Or many advantages? Is spending $50k for a 4-banger some great investment? Why not get the same engine in a Fusion for half the price? Being a badge whore is an expensive proposition! People with money like to know they've made a wise investment. At least, Lexus owners do..... BD
  4. Great Commercial for a great car.
  5. Thanks for the credit Krew! I been starting my day off every day since 2010 logging on to this site haha. I'm loving the new set of commercials Lexus has released.
  6. Think Lexus is pissed that the BMW and Mercedes sell 5-7k a month, while they are stuck at 2k or less? BD
    • Because LEXUS ES here , and its compete in the same segment !! With it's price it's takes most of LEXUS sales in this segment . If the ES will not be available in USA any more , the GS sales will grow up to BMW and MERCEDES sales .
  7. Dope Ad Dope ride Lexus now this what am talking about,commercial focused on the car.
  8. This is a great car but I have real problems with the commercial trying to compare it to the German makes. First of all, a lot of the Germans are getting more power and better fuel economy out of their 4 cylinders. Just thinking of the 2014 IS with the slow, older 6 cylinder. Cylinders aren't everything. It's how you tune them.