Lexus March 2014 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported 28,593 total sales for March 2014, a 28.0% improvement over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2014 2013 % CHG* 2014 2013 % CHG*
CT 1,480 1,062 44.7 4,000 3,245 24.9
HS 0 1 ‐100.0 0 2 ‐100.0
IS 4,893 2,255 125.3 11,458 5,173 124.4
ES 6,784 6,798 3.6 15,103 16,801 -8.9
GS 2,484 1,882 37.1 5,358 4,089 32.8
LS 744 980 -21.2 1,967 2,860 -30.3
LFA 2 4 -48.1 4 9 -55.0
Total Cars 16,387 12,982 31.1 37,890 32,179 19.3
RX 9,943 9,072 13.8 21,232 21,404 0.5
GX 1,874 770 152.7 4,907 2,131 133.3
LX 389 366 10.4 1,056 1,026 4.3
Total Trucks 12,206 10,208 24.2 27,195 24,561 12.2
Total Sales 28,593 23,190 28.0 65,085 56,740 16.2

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. March 2014 had 26 selling days, March 2013 had 27 selling days.

The Command Performance sales event in the USA was a success, bringing positive numbers to every model but the LS sedan.

The IS & GX continue to build impressive numbers, with both models showing triple digit increases over last year (as I noted in my recent review, the resurgence of the GX is well deserved).

The star of the month, however, has to be the GS and its 37.1% jump — it’s a model that’s been hard done-by over the last year, and it’s exciting to see sales rebounding. The RX also deserves an honorable mention, nearly topping 10,000 sales.


Lexus Canada had their best March ever with 1,594 total sales, an increase of 30.5% over last year. This is the second month in a row that Lexus Canada has posted record sales.

See the model-by-model Lexus Canada breakdown (PDF)


  1. Nearly 5000 IS sales in the US. Impressive! This is trending to be a great year for Lexus and total numbers will go up with the RC and NX.
  2. Great Job ! The new generation of LEXUS products, much needed facelifts and totally new models coming soon, will certainly make for a stellar year ahead and into the future. Not to mention, the focus on better Dealership Showrooms, Customer Service and Quality. coupled with already Legendary reputation, resale and depreciation value. Global expansion is moving as well and will only continue to go forward. What more can we ask for ? Thank you AKIO TOYODA for your continued devotion and drive to push LEXUS into limits it has never seen before. Keep up the great work and look forward to much more to come ! I truly would like to see LEXUS dominate amongst all Luxury automakers on the planet.
  3. In Canada, 370% INCREASE for the IS!!!
  4. The only thing I can say is: WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go GS Go!!!!!!
  5. Impressive month for Lexus, also beating Mercedes, without having to resort to bottom-feeding, like they do with the CLA. Lexus keeps it classy. When the NX arrives, they can sell 30k a month on a regular basis..... BD
  6. What has happened to the LS, it is letting the side down, needs a complete update looking old against the new S class.
  7. The LS is sucking lately. 30% lower sales YOY?!? They really need to rehabilitate this model ASAP....the new S-Class is rockin'.
    • i agre but as old and long overdue as the LS is, its still outselling everything else...i can only feel sorry for Audi and BMW when the new LS arrives
  8. every time i see an increase in the GS and decrease in the ES i feel so happy and glad that people understood Akio picture about future LEXUS i know that it is still way to make the GS no.1 seller in LEXUS lineup and the ES one of the least but it is the start and generation by generation the RX may turn to RWD GS/IS instead of now Camry based FWD