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Lexus USA Dealerships to Get Modern Makeover

Lexus dealerships in the USA will be undergoing a makeover, beginning with a signage color switch from the old gold to a more modern platinum — Edmunds has more:

The appearance change calls on dealers to renovate their dealerships in order to create what Lexus spokeswoman Allison Takahashi called “a new progressive luxury exterior design.” Lexus has been using the platinum color logo on its Web site.

Dealers can select one of three templates for the exterior design. By contrast, the Toyota brand uses a cookie-cutter approach, essentially one architectural template for all its dealerships.

Takahashi would not provide a list of changes that are planned for Lexus’ dealer body. However, she said the luxury brand’s design team is working one-on-one with each dealership.

This move by Lexus USA is part of a larger international push to modernize dealerships with consistent design elements worldwide — Regency Lexus in Vancouver, Canada, was one of the first dealerships to feature the new look:

Regency Lexus in Vancouver, BC

The Lexus of Royal Oak dealership in Calgary, Canada, was also built with the new international design:

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  • J
  • March 26, 2014
man that place looks like a house/garage/store everything in one beast
  • C
  • March 27, 2014
All dealers are looking alike now with the white and abundance of glass theme, but I do like the bar and the massaging chair.
  • T
  • March 28, 2014
Gotta hand it to Lexus, they know how to make the car buying experience a special event.