New Lexus Remote Touch Controller to Get a Back Button?

Lexus RC F SPORT Remote Touch Controller

The RC F SPORT displayed at the Geneva Motor Show may have quietly introduced a major improvement in Lexus infotainment controls — a video from the auto show reveals the Remote Touch controller in the white coupe has (what looks like) a back button:

Lexus RTI Controller Large

This three button layout is different than the RTI controller seen in the original RC that debuted in Tokyo, which instead had a two arrow zoom/scroll:

Lexus RTI Touchpad

No official confirmation yet on which is the definitive controller, but the RC F SPORT was the last version of the coupe to be shown — stands to reason it would best reflect the final production version.

Here’s the video that showed the RC F SPORT interior in detail, well worth watching:

(Thanks Chase for the tip!)


  1. Very nice, not seeing a sunroof though.
  2. Jay

    Maybe one of the remotes will be used for the base model with no navi, and the latest version with the back button to be used if equipped with the navi?
  3. The back-button is on the rotary dial system the ES has. But I agree the back-button would be extremely useful for the remote-touch, as it would have been nice to have on the CT. However, what is the point of having both Home and Menu buttons. I know that Home works as the setting you want to be as mainscreen to come back too. But if it is at the expense of removing the up/down scroll arrows I think that is a poor choice. Those arrows are extremely useful when scrolling down lists of songs or contacts.
    • I think Lexus will incorporate multi-touch gesture technology in this so that two finger scroll would be possible rather than having physical buttons. Does the basic remote touch on the CT not have a back button? I'm almost sure the base, no nav GS had that back button, and also the IS no nav remote touch system.
    • Yes, the Display Audio Controller has the back button.
  4. Loving that Ultra White F-Sport, especially the wheels, and on paper more so than the RC F which I find is starting to look a little chunky. I also have never noticed how far out the side skirts stick out, highly visible on U White - nice touch!