New Lexus Remote Touch Controller to Get a Back Button?

Lexus RC F SPORT Remote Touch Controller

The RC F SPORT displayed at the Geneva Motor Show may have quietly introduced a major improvement in Lexus infotainment controls — a video from the auto show reveals the Remote Touch controller in the white coupe has (what looks like) a back button:

Lexus RTI Controller Large

This three button layout is different than the RTI controller seen in the original RC that debuted in Tokyo, which instead had a two arrow zoom/scroll:

Lexus RTI Touchpad

No official confirmation yet on which is the definitive controller, but the RC F SPORT was the last version of the coupe to be shown — stands to reason it would best reflect the final production version.

Here’s the video that showed the RC F SPORT interior in detail, well worth watching:

(Thanks Chase for the tip!)