Lexus is the Second Most-Loved Brand in the USA

Lexus Logo

According to the 2013 LEAP Brand Index, Lexus is the second most-loved brand in the United States, behind only the iPhone. Lexus climbed 22 spots in 2013, jumping from 24th in 2012 to 2nd overall.

Debuting in 2010, the LEAP, or Leveraging Emotional Attachment for Profit Brand Index, uses a proprietary methodology to gauge consumers’ emotional attachment to brands.

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  1. Goes to show that automotive forums that bash on Lexus, and websites with comment features like jalponik and autoblog show nonexistent hate for a really successful brand. If you get your perception of Lexus from those sites, it's a shame. I'm happy that Lexus makes others happy haha
  2. Lexus! Yay! Disney! Yay! Apple... blech...
  3. I'm not surprised by the outcome. Something about Lexus just sets it apart from everything else. Truly a unique brand to be following.
  4. LLOL What a stupid study! iPhone isn't a brand!.....HAHAHA
    • Exactly my thought at my very first glance!! How can the iPhone be on this "brand" ranking, when Apple itself gets ranked at #5?
    • On second thought, we probably shouldn't take the word "brand" too literally. I guess it simply means trademark in a broader sense. Congrats to Lexus on almost topping the list. More details on the scoring methodology would be nice though.