2014 Lexus GS 450h Gets Reprogrammed Transmission & New Climate Control System

Lexus GS 450h 2014

The 2014 Lexus GS 450h will receive many of the same updates as the GS 350 — here’s a full list of the new changes:

  • Siri Eyes Free technology licensed from Apple; compatible with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 models
  • Flush-mounted sensors for Intuitive Parking Assist
  • Full-color display added to Head-Up Display
  • Climate Concierge feature now included with optional heated/ventilated seats.
  • Transmission Sport mode now provides eight steps, rather than six, and also adds a kickdown switch
  • Available Blind Spot Monitor adds Rear Cross Traffic Alert and power-folding mirrors
  • Luxury Package changes: LED foglamps, Liquid Graphite finish for 18-inch wheels, and the radio station and song title are added to the rear armrest control panel display
  • Optional power trunk opener
  • Lexus Night View system discontinued

There are two significant differences between the GS 450h and the GS 350 — first off, the GS 450h will adopt the Climate Concierge feature from the LS line:

New for 2014, the Climate Concierge feature, similar to that in the Lexus LS flagship sedan, personalizes climate control for passengers. In the GS 450h, the system automatically monitors the temperature of three separate climate zones and adjusts not only the fans, but also the temperature of the seats and steering wheel according to preset preferences. Each zone will achieve its pre-set level of comfort as quickly as possible.

The 2014 GS 450h will also have a reprogrammed transmission:

Driving enthusiasts will welcome the SPORT S and SPORT S+ modes. SPORT mode transforms the car’s personality, with sharper throttle response and transmission control that mimics the stepped shifting of an eight-speed automatic transmission (compared to six steps in the 2013 model). Instrument meter lighting changes, appropriately, to red when driving in SPORT S mode.

All in all, a nice update to a vehicle that’s only been out a single year — looking forward to seeing the changes in person.

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  1. My favorite GS model, and one of my all-time favorite luxury cars period! 0-60 in under 6 seconds and over 30 MPG combined, in the real world. Plus all the extra-pimp interior trimmings, and not a full Sport+ mode! It does it all! BD
  2. Come on, Lexus! Don't just post the same pictures of cars without the parking sensors in your press release! Let's see the new, flushed sensors! haha And let Android and Windows users have some fun!
  3. Why did Lexus discontinued Night View system? I actually love it.
    • I didn't like the system personally, but this is a good question -- let me see if I can get an answer.
    • That would be great! Thanks in advance.
    • Yikes -- glad your car is equipped with night vision!
    • Actually I own IS 250 and LS600h. To be honest :) This 450h was a "gift" for a week from a local Lexus dealer. I loved that car. I really wish that my future Lexus would have this system. It's kinda sad to discontinue this option.
  4. Lexus site now includes the 14' GS, just a heads up