Updated 2014 Lexus GS 350 Gets Eight-Speed Transmission

2014 Lexus GS F SPORT

Lexus has announced the 2014 model year GS 350, which will now be equipped with the same eight-speed transmission seen on the IS F & new IS F SPORT.

Other improvements have been made to the USA edition of the 2014 GS model:

  • Flush mounted sensors for available Intuitive Park Assist
  • Full color display added to optional Heads-Up Display
  • Available Blind Spot Monitor adds Rear Cross Traffic Alert and power-folding mirrors
  • Luxury Package changes: LED foglamps, Superchrome finish for 18-inch wheels, and the rear armrest control panel display adds display option to view radio station and song title information.
  • Optional power trunk opener
  • Night View system discontinued
  • iPhone SIRI Eyes-Free system from Apple, which lets you call contacts, select and play music from iTunes, and use Apple Maps turn-by-turn navigation.

These improvements are an impressive update to a model introduced just last year, the eight-speed transmission is exactly what the GS needed. Nice to see Lexus applying the Kaizen practice of “continuous improvement” at such a fast pace.

Read the full press release for the 2014 Lexus GS 350


  1. Didn't think Lexus bothered with making the parking sensors more flushed! The Night Vision would have been useful if it could be displayed through the HUD like the LX 470! Blind Spot Monitor? How about just giving us better visibility?! haha Superchrome? Is that chrome wheels with a smoother, less wavy finish? There should be a foot-activated trunk opener. I wish I could easily access Google Now through Voice Command...
  2. How about some Fog lamps on NA FSport models goddamnit!?
  3. Climate Concierge, also GS450h got 8 speed and kickdown simulation
  4. I'm pissed about the 8 speed. I didn't think Lexus would have such a big update so soon. My 4 month old GS is outdated in a big big way. I am happy that my lux model doesn't have chrome rims... what a nightmare living in NY winters...
  5. why dont the f-sport models have the same feature as a full loaded un-f-sport adn fog lights!??
  6. I'm just curious to know, for those mentioning they want the fogs on F-Sport models, do you want them just for looks or do you really use them or other? just wondering.
  7. could this be real RC NX http://www.autobild.de/artikel/lexus-lf-nx---lexus-is-f-4390771.html
  8. look like production cars to me
  9. I think too much is made of the 6-speed vs 8-speed. 8-speeds don't make a car better. It's just bragging rights. But it will help on the highway he most, with two overdrive gears. Of the changes, I like the power trunk the most, but it should power close too! BD
  10. From the zverigor link below. Is this the future of the Lexus RC and Lexus NX? BD
  11. Mik

    Night View system discontinued: Why? This is a drawback! Are there legal reasons for it?
  12. Ray

    A bit to late. Lexus should carry this 8 speed since the redesign. Competitors had been using this as competitive advantage to differentiate from GS 'old tech' 6 speed. I am not a technical person. But for average buyers, the higher number of speed in transmission, the better. Do remember that Lexus is competing in luxury segment, every detail matters. Just hope that when it comes to redesigning LS, Lexus must equipped LS with 'first in its class' features. The redesigned S class merc has come up with long list of 'first in its class' features. The two most notable and killer features are the magic carpet ride using camera to detect the road surface ahead. Another is merc s class now has the biggest screen on its dashboard. Lexus LS screen size is now dwarfed. Not to mention that merc S class claim that its hybrid s class has similar the fuel consumption of a Prius. Given its size, it is impressive. I just hope that Lexus will come up with LS that emulate F1 (Codename for first generation of LS) in 2015. This will certain shock the industry and put LS sales to a new high level.
    • I hope so too, as the Lexus LS400 and LX are what drew my attention to the brand as a little boy and that still holds today. It's always a shocker to what they will up with for their next-generation flagships(LS, LX, and performance cars). It's almost October 2013 and last fall the LS received a final facelift. The next LS (XF50) exterior appearance has probably been well designed already and probably drivable now. I'm sure interior design would've been completed several months ago, since final design selections and freezes occur when the current model gets heavily updated. I believe this, as the current LS (XF40) was designed up to mid-2004 on the heels of the LS430 facelift in September 2003. It was a fiberglass clay model in this 2004 photo at Lexus HQ. By now I'm sure engineers in Aichi are testing RHD prototypes at Shibetsu, which will hopefully be caught next year testing in Europe and the USA. Prototypes may be tested on company grounds for months on end, before more public road testing initiates. Japanese automakers follow this trend religiously, unlike Germans that are seen publicly for years. It would be nice if it had gone on sale in 2014 for the 25th anniversary, but 2015 looks to be the real deal in year #26.
    • Ray

      2014 then (finger crossed). My new ride.
  13. Lexus almost addressed all my main complaints. Sun glass holder (or deeper sliding tray in center console) and a better moon-roof shade with vents in it would nearly complete it for me. Oh, and voice commands for Google Now.
  14. In the UK, Lexus have also confirmed the death of the GS250 in favour of the GS300h when it launches early next year.
  15. Nice but it's time for a GSF Lexus Lets Go
  16. 2014 GS 350 is a perfect car in design, comfort, and driving dynamics. It's so fun to drive and is very connected with the driver. However, it's slightly under performed on the road for car enthusiast. Please bring back the GS 460 with V-8 engine. I know Lexus didn't sell much GS 460 in the past, but that is the past. Today, Lexus can beat Mercedes, BMW, and Audi in design, quality and reliability, but not in performance. The Mercedes and Audi are not fun to drive. They're not connected to the driver at all. The BMW is very fun to drive, but it's too stiff for daily driving. There's no competition for GS 460 out there. The Jaguar and Cadillac are not directly competing with Lexus. I would pay $15K more for GS 460, making it a $63K car. You can't buy any luxury V-8 out there at this price range, making it the best car at reasonable price.