Should the New Lexus Coupe Look Like This?

It’s common knowledge that Lexus is developing a new coupe, and now Top Speed has taken a shot at what it might look like:

Lexus RC Coupe

This rendering may be too faithful to the new IS, but it still looks pretty good — rumored to be getting the RC model designation, this new coupe is expected to sit between the IS & GS models and could certainly do worse than looking like this.

I like it — what do you think?

[Source: Top Speed]


  1. seems a bit too long. over all 8/10
  2. Wouldn't that be a new IS-C
  3. Doesn't carry over much from the LF-CC. Doesn't live up to the promise..... The LF-CC wrote a check, but this doesn't cash it! BD
  4. BTW, a little birdie told me again that the Lexus RX will grow in size, and gain a 3rd row option, allowing Lexus to retire the less-than-impressive GX model after it's run is over in 2015/2016. So the RX will grow to fill the space, and no separate model will replace the GX. Expect it to share the also-slightly larger Toyota Highlander platform, which hits dealers at the end of 2013, and the bigger Lexus RX will appear at the end of 2014, sometime around when the Lexus NX also will hit the ground here..... BD
  5. I think it looks tight!
  6. the front of the car is too tin. It's very far from the LF-CC car.
  7. I would have no complaints at all if the production vehicle looked like this,but since it will get a different name (RC) rather than being called an IS coupe,it is logical to assume the design will differ more from the IS. Either way,I certainly want one. :-D
  8. No No! It's way too similar to the sedan in this way. The RC must be somethin unique just like the 4er is compared to the 3er.
    • The 4-series doesn't look much different than the 3-series. That's an opportunity for Lexus to show class leadership in design, not be a simple sedan derivative. The original Lexus SC was a huge hit because it didn't look like any Lexus sedan. It didn't look like anything else on the road! BD
    • Yeah that's right but if I remember well the sleek and sexy SC 1st gen. was in the same league of the BMW 8er, You should not consider the RC like an SC replacement cuz maybe the future SC will be the LF-LC.
    • To be honest, I expect the new coupe to look much closer to the LF-CC than the IS -- though, I do think it will be much bigger than the concept.
  9. hmm, don't like the side-rear quarter window and c-pillar design. Reminds me of a Gen1 MB CLK
    • Man, I hope not -- I can't stand the look of that CLK (Actually, I don't like any Mercedes coupes other than the CL & SLS.)
  10. well its only rendering for now!
  11. jim

    Too bad the front end always look crappy after the concept. I really hope they will make the LF-LC close to the concept, then I will buy it if it was less than 100.