The Lexus LF-CC: Next-Generation IS or GS Coupe?

Lexus IS GS LF-CC Coupe

Ever since the Lexus LF-CC was announced, there’s been confusion about what production model it will eventually transform into — more to the point, is it the next-generation IS or a GS coupe?

The uncertainty started with the original press release, which referred to the concept as a mid-size coupe (GS-size), only to suggest it will also be part of the European D-premium segment (IS-size).

Normally, this mystery could be solved by consulting the vehicle dimensions — today, the first-known specifications of the LF-CC were published on the Lexus Global website:

Lexus LF-CC Specifications

Most of these numbers match closely with the current-generation IS (the LF-CC is 70mm/2.7″ longer, but has an identical wheelbase), except for one difference — the LF-CC width is exactly the same as the current fourth-generation GS. Still, this discrepancy can be explained — the previous GS & current IS shared the same width, so it makes sense that the new IS would mirror the increase of the new GS.

This comparison-by-number backs up the theory that the LF-CC is a precursor to a next-generation IS coupe — however, during today’s introduction of the concept at the Paris Motor Show, Lexus Europe director Paul Van der Burgh used some curious phrasing:

The design direction inspired by LF-CC will be applied to future Lexus vehicles in the D-premium segment and you won’t have to wait very long before seeing the first production vehicle.

Moreover, we can also confirm that Lexus is developing a rear-wheel-drive mid-size coupe, to be launched in the near future.

In the first part of the quote, Van der Burgh stresses that the LF-CC styling will be applied to a D-premium segment vehicle — obviously the IS — but makes no mention that this vehicle will be offered as a coupe. Following this up, he then says that Lexus is developing a RWD mid-size coupe that will be launched “in the near future”, suggesting that there’s also a GS-sized coupe in the pipeline.

Take these two statements together, and the whole question changes — instead of wondering if the LF-CC is the next-generation IS or a GS coupe, what if it was both at the same time?