Photos: Roy Mallady’s Two Lexus LFAs

Lexus LFAs #3 & #499

The last Lexus LFA to arrive in the USA was delivered to its owner Roy Mallady, the Atlanta businessman who also happens to own the first LFA ever sold in America — Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta employee Keith Taylor was on hand to take a few photos of the two supercars:

After taking delivery, Roy took his two LFAs to the Amelia Island Festival of SpeedLexus Magazine has a couple photos from the event.

(Thanks Keith!)


  1. Excuse him while he doubles-down on the Lexus LFA! BD
    • Hey!! Call Hef and tell him I'll loan him an LFA if he will loan me one of his 7 girlfriends.The new car 499 is darker grey with darker wheels, has an exposed carbon fiber roof , winglets on the back, twice as much red inside and the darker metal inside.I first ordered the Nurburg and thought if I only keep one then go with the standard car so I changed the order. I am selling the first car because they are pricey, but I love the car so much I wanted to have two for awhile together.I really can't afford two, but again that's how much I think of the car and what it represents---11 yrs. of development. Hats off to Lexus and Toyota--I am their biggest fan.Greatest car I've ever owned !!!!! What a thrill I've had the last two years since I got the first car--If I don't sell the first car tell Hef I'll be able to date again soon. 003/499
  2. Or why not try a Nurburgring edition. Have the track car and the daily driver :]
    • I'm a founding member of the Atlanta Motorsports Park AMP in Dawsonville and have a GT-R Nissan that is set up for the track and 700 HP that was done by Forged Performance a premier tuner here in north Atlanta---this was the owner's car and has won alot of events. The first LFA 003 has been very gently on the track a few times and was in Car & Driver magazine Feb. issue at VIR.The LFA is built to run on the track and it handles better than any car I've driven, but a little pricey to be a track car unless you have alot more money than me. 003/499
    • Thank you Roy, I never expected replies from you, and I have enjoyed reading your insights today. I guess if you own two LFAs you qualify as one heck of a Lexus enthusiast so why wouldn't you be a reader. Enjoy your two rides!
  3. I agree with the above commenters, why get two such similar looking cars? You already got the classy looking one as the first LFA in the U.S., I would have been much bolder in color and style choices for the second one, or gone NE as darkride excellently suggested. Then again, Mr. Mallady is the one with the $1 mil essentially to spend on two cars so who are we to question his choices? I cannot even presently afford to get the power windows fixed on my Lexus RX 300 (why $750 for a master switch Lexus, why??)
    • Hey, I remember when all I could afford was recapped tires, but at 68 and alot of hard work, some luck and being very blessed---life is short so enjoy while you can. I remember working in college and still having to sell blood occasionally when I was first married to be able to buy groceries---you do what you gotta do !!!! I love cars and I've been happy to have had many great ones. The LFA is my favorite of about 70 !!! 003/499
    • I am very humbled!!!
  4. What a piece of engineering excellence, and to own two? Truly blessed, Mr. Mallady! My favorite is the darker silver with the darker wheels. A+
  5. Why is he selling one of them?
    • Jerry, I wish I could keep both--I think the longer you go out the more valuable they will be because there are only 178 in the US and I have #1 and #178. How about 20 yrs. from now at Barrett-Jackson. I am not a collector, just someone who loves high performance sports cars. I would try to keep both and I'm loving having them ,but the wife feels it over the top to have both---she's probably right and she's been great with my having the first one.She's not seeing these e-mails so I'll try to hold the pair as long as possible. By the way she's on her 9th LS Sedan and driven nothing but Lexus for 20 yrs.- I've only had 6 Lexus, but the last two are LFAs. I've owned the car 499 for two weeks and been to two car shows--one at Amelia Island, Fla ---trucked both down. I hope to be able to share them and show them off over the next few months. 003/499
  6. Repsect to Roy for the only double LFA owner ,who is not hiding from the public or shy about owning a these two magnificient racer cars and still remain humble.Other LFA owners out there should follow suit after all there is only 500 across the globe!
  7. Can I be your son?