Lexus LFA Owner Profiled in Autoweek

Lexus LFA Owner Roy Mallady

Autoweek has a profile on Roy Mallady, the owner of Lexus LFA #003 & #499 — two cars that are better known as the first and last LFAs to be delivered in the USA.

(Roy & his wife have also owned nine LSs, four LXs and an SC400.)

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  1. Thanks for posting. I was baffled to read the exemplary level of ignorant comments at the bottom of the autoweek article. Still happy to see some  people responding and challenging their level of ignorance there,
  2. This man has been around the block, and he knows Lexus has reached the pinnacle of automotive engineering. As for the haters, they never win..... BD
    •  Agreed. Because their hatred is mired with biased and one-sided prejudice against a brand, they almost always get owned when hard facts are put in front of them since all of them suggest LFA is one of the top greatest exotic cars ever made.
    • Hey Dynamite, the reason Toyota spent 500 Mil to produce 500 cars and sell them for 400K  is a long term commitment to research and development for future cars. They were the #1 seller of cars in the world for decades until the earth quake 18 mos ago and have regained #1 spot after their 2012 great performance. What most people don't know is that Toyota shut their plants down voluntarily longer than they needed to out of concern and respect for the community and the need for electricity. You don't have to like them,but you have to respect them As far as retiring my checkbook--I have to pay for Lexus # 15 tomorrow--#499 LFA and I do have my name down for a LF-LC !!!! Thanks for your nice comments and I have been around the block, but hey I still get lost occasionally. My Dad use to tell me he walked 5 miles to school in the snow---I would answer--Damn, it didn't snow that much in West Tennessee and you only lived 1/2 a mile from school---you just got lost alot.
  3. Amazing fellow!
  4. He's my hero.
    • You also made my day--thanks. Hey ! I'm just an average guy who worked hard to make above average salary so I could buy and enjoy above average cars!!!!   Roy
  5. Looks like the same color but its not lol......I wonder what color is #500........
    • The color is steel gray several shades darker than the metallic silver and the wheels are also darker gray. The roof is exposed carbon fiber. I think I went overboard on the interior---maybe a little too much red !!!!    I'll find out what color the #500 is---I'm guessing White like in all the TV Commercials.  RM
    • The #500 car is white and they show it in this month's Motor Trend. I believe it is staying with Toyota in Japan. Roy
  6. I like how people in the articles comments talks about Toyota/Lexus cars not having a soul. In reality they either drive a crappy car or have no idea what a soul means towards a car...
  7. Hey guys, lightin up !!!! You know what they say--opinions are like A-- H---- everyone has one !!! I've had alot of great cars and have been lucky to own them. Someone asked me recently which one was my least favorite---I couldn't give an answer because I loved all 20 + of them. Baskin-Robbins makes about 57 flavors because we are all different. It just happens I appreciate the technology, research and development that Toyota put into the LFA over a period of 11 yrs. 2000-2011. If you've never driven one then you can't really appreciate what it is.For me I still say it is the best sports car I've ever owned---it's actually a race car that is built for the track, but your wife could drive it in the city. If you see me in Atlanta, stop me and I'll be glad to take you for a ride !!!!  LFA  003/499
    • Very well said. I think Jay Leno said it best "you have to drive your share of exotic supercars in order to truly appreciate Lexus LFA". It is amazing you are willing to give ride in the LFA to complete strangers. That is not what most exotic car owners are willing to do. That is extremely generous of you. :-)
    • Glad to hear from you Mr. Mallady. You have been pretty popular on the forums. There are plenty of pictures and videos of your first LFA at car shows and giving kids rides. I like what you have said and agree with you completely. I would like to meet you some day and strive to be like you and have the chance to own so many dream cars. I also appreciate that you drive them and don't just put them in the garage to look at. I too, love Lexus vehicles and the brand. You are the perfect Lexus customer/enthusiast in my opinion
    • David, if you are around Atlanta call me and I'll take you for a ride and love to meet you also !!!! Thanks for the kind comments. Roy
    • Wow, thanks for stopping by, Mr. Mallady!