Lexus to Launch Global Marketing Campaign in May

Lexus IS Grille Pattern

Lexus will be launching a new global advertising campaign in May — from Automotive News:

[Lexus USA VP of Marketing Brian] Smith declined to provide details about the creative work. However, while the spots will show various Lexus products, they will almost be secondary figures, he said.

The theme of the global campaign will be more unifying. While individual markets will maintain some product and ad independence, the brand campaign will be uniform across all markets, Smith said.

“The point of the brand campaign will be what we see on the screen, not so much words or language,” Smith said. “It will be visual and impactful.”

With every region becoming more active in social media, unifying the marketing message worldwide is a necessary step for Lexus — it adds global consistency and (I imagine) means a much bigger budget. Looking forward to seeing the result in May.

[Source: Automotive News]