Akio Toyoda & Mark Templin Named to 2013 Motor Trend Power List

Lexus Akio Toyota & Mark Templin

Toyota president Akio Toyoda & Lexus general manager Mark Templin have been named to the 2013 Motor Trend Power List of the top 50 people in the automotive industry.

(Akio jumps from 26th to 3rd position, and Mark makes his first appearance on the list at 44.)

See the Motor Trend Power List


  1. Since when does Mark want to phase out the ES and let the Avalon have that segment? I totally agree, but this is the first time I've heard anything about a Lexus official wanting to kill off the ES.  By the way, the ES isn't a bad car and the newest generation is much better. But it will always have that luxury-camry look and will continue to hurt Lexus' brand image. 
    • I believe it was just a suggestion by Motor Trend, though it makes for an interesting question -- will be writing about it later today.
    • It would be foolish to axe the ES, maybe the most successful model Lexus has ever had in it's history. BD
    • The most successful model is undoubtedly the LS. Sales numbers aside, it has had the most significant impact on the auto industry. The ES isn't that important outside of sales.  My complaint though is that the ES represents everything Lexus is trying to get away from. In order to do that, you have to kill the ES. Its risky but adding a GS250 to compete with the lower-displacement E-class, 5-series, etc and by increasing the size and luxury of the IS will cover the gap. No other major luxury brand has two entry level sedans. Have you ever wondered why the IS and GS sales have been lower than their competitors year in and year out? Its because the ES cannibalizes their sales. 
    • The ES will NEVER hurt the Lexus imagine. The camry is a great car to be based off not that it is anymore. 
  2. All I know is Akio can buy and sell the top 2 on that list. BD
  3. CONGRATULATIONS  AKIO  and MARK !    AKIO should be in first place.....He will make #1 spot for 2014.    Global sales for TOYOTA will continue to lead with new product, revison and new innovation.  The focus on advertising alone has made a huge difference in itself, along with more vehicles on the lots compared to previous years.   AKIO IS A FIGHTER----HE WILL WIN !
  4. I think they can phase out the ES and let the Avalon take over that whole segment. He can also stop making the LX, since that is prime example of a re-badge that hurts an image. I have no idea why anyone would buy an LX when you can have the most amazing big boy off road UN preferred Land Cruiser. L C > LX