Jeremy Clarkson: “I Love the Lexus LFA”

Lexus LFA & Jeremy Clarkson

For the third time in four months, Jeremy Clarkson has reviewed the Lexus LFA — this time for the Top Gear website:

It’s a very long time since I drove something so highbrow, so magnificent, so detailed, so perfect. After driving an LFA, everything else feels as squidgy as one of Arsène Wenger’s coats.

There’s only one comparable car I can think of. The Ferrari 599 GTO. Kato, if you follow the show closely. Obviously, this has bags more personality than the LFA and feels so much more human as a result. It’s fallible and confused, and when it rains it goes all to pieces. It’s hard to master, but deeply rewarding when you do.

The LFA doesn’t show any of those traits at all. It’s more like a Terminator. You tell it what to do, and it will keep on doing it. It absolutely will not stop.

Can you ever love a machine? Of course you can. John Connor did. And I love the LFA.

If you read The Sunday Times article or saw the now unavailable Top Gear special, it was very clear that JC was impressed by the LFA — this new review, however, takes it to a whole other level.

While he may be a contentious character, there is no denying Jeremy Clarkson’s influence in the automotive world — there is no price tag that can be put on his repeated and (extremely) positive opinion of the LFA and the attention it brings to Lexus. Very curious to see how this Top Gear special turns out.

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