Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the Lexus LFA

Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the Lexus LFA

The world-famous Jeremy Clarkson has finally driven the Lexus LFA, and by some miracle, he “loved it” — he’s a quote from his Sunday Times review:

So intense was my lack of interest in a Lexus sports car that when the time came to test it on Top Gear, I hid under the sofa and let Richard Hammond do it instead.

It develops 552 brake horsepower, which is about 200bhp less than the current going rate…On paper, then, the LFA looks to be the dinner of a dog. In the flesh, however…

It looks very, very special. And inside it’s even better. It’s the nicest car interior I’ve ever encountered.

I have to say I loved it. It’s an intelligent car, built by intelligent people. In some ways it’s raw and visceral; in others it’s a lesson in common sense.

Considering the overall attitude about the LFA in the automotive press, it’s not exactly shocking that Clarkson would like the Lexus supercar, but I never would have expected such thorough praise — easily one of the most positive reviews of the LFA yet, and a huge win for the Lexus brand.

(Unfortunately, the Sunday Times website is for subscribers-only — however, some thoughtful individual uploaded a scanned version at the link below.)

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