Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the Lexus LFA

Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the Lexus LFA

The world-famous Jeremy Clarkson has finally driven the Lexus LFA, and by some miracle, he “loved it” — he’s a quote from his Sunday Times review:

So intense was my lack of interest in a Lexus sports car that when the time came to test it on Top Gear, I hid under the sofa and let Richard Hammond do it instead.

It develops 552 brake horsepower, which is about 200bhp less than the current going rate…On paper, then, the LFA looks to be the dinner of a dog. In the flesh, however…

It looks very, very special. And inside it’s even better. It’s the nicest car interior I’ve ever encountered.

I have to say I loved it. It’s an intelligent car, built by intelligent people. In some ways it’s raw and visceral; in others it’s a lesson in common sense.

Considering the overall attitude about the LFA in the automotive press, it’s not exactly shocking that Clarkson would like the Lexus supercar, but I never would have expected such thorough praise — easily one of the most positive reviews of the LFA yet, and a huge win for the Lexus brand.

(Unfortunately, the Sunday Times website is for subscribers-only — however, some thoughtful individual uploaded a scanned version at the link below.)

Read the Jeremy Clarkson Review of the Lexus LFA (Thanks asdub!)


  1. I'd hate to be the bloke who turned down the LFA based on Jeremy's advice only to read this!
  2. Right ON...!!! Now that they are completely SOLD out for custom ordering....
  3. Jeremy Clarkson is a first rate toolbag.  The Simon Cowell of the automotive world. The car certainly doesn't need his approval, especially at this point.  That he wouldn't drive the car when appropriate tells you more about him than about Lexus. NOW he has learned what is at this point common knowledge? Great.... He can bite me. BD
    • Dude, why are you always mad? Jeremy Clarkson is entitled to an opinion just like everyone else does.  I posted a comment yesterday or a couple of days ago talking about how Lexus was classified as BORING. Even Richard Hammond said it when he tested the LFA. It's not like Jeremy Clarkson is the only person in the world who thinks that! The reason Lexus chose to redefine their market position and clientele is because the market spoke to them and told them to stop making boring cars and grab the bull by the horns. Us, the Lexus customers loved it when the IS-F was released and cheered Lexus for their courage and attempt to battle the C63 and the M3. We teared and applauded when the LFA was released and till this day marvel at its greatness. If it wasn't for people like Jeremy, Lexus wouldn't be where it is today. They'd continue making "safe" cars and their customer base will begin to fade. Now please stop name calling and show a little courtesy.
    • When he stops being a toolbag..... BD
    • I can see how Jeremy Clarkson can be polarizing, but I'm a huge fan and this review made my day. (Mr. Tata has a point -- with things on the upswing for Lexus, there's really very little to be mad about right now. I think you might be spending too much time in the Motor Trend comments. ;-)
    • Taha please ... :) ... I wish I owned Tata though ... 
    • Haha, cars on the brain. Fixed.
    • i consider this a VERY legit review and all the good statements made afterwards, why? because he openly admit not wanting to test it and dismissed it on the show
  4. I still love my SC 430 - and I will ever do ... Ok, it has a different character - really ;-)
  5. Jeremy Clarkson narrates Lexus LFA for Forza video game I love the fact that he calls Lexus LFA a "full-on race car". Love it
  6. I wasn't expecting this , if I'm honest ...
  7. Very surprising that he got over his Japanese bias. Every episode with a Lexus in it, he bashes them. Finally something positive
  8. Lets see if he will do a live video fotage on Top Gear  after this Sunday times Review?
  9. SUCCESS! aha He does hate the SC 430 and the 98 LS 400.
  10. Both The Stig and Clarkson pick the GT 86 as the performance car of 2012 over 24 other super cars including the MP4 12c and the Aventador during Speed Week And now this review from Clarkson I hope this means the Nurburgring Edition will get a chance to take a shot at the leader board
  11. lexus is always trying to compete with car companys that are just out of their league....Audi, Mercedes, and especialy BMW. they need to realize the people that buys their cars arnt the petrol head car fanatics that can appreciate the car. real lexus owners are upper middle class house wives with completley dull lifes....and they drive a lexus to show it. no personality, no thrill, no experiance..... but a comfy ass ride for the miserable life forms which purchase one
    •  And what does that have anything to do with the topic at hand which is the Lexus LFA??? It has to be the dumbest comment I have read in a while. Great for a chuckle.
    • MD

      This comment is so stupid that it does not even deserve a response especially in an LFA thread, which unanimously has been hailed as one of the greatest exotic supercars ever made. Again, this is pretty much 99% of everyone who drove the car. FYI, nothing BMW, Mercedes, Audi have currently in their stable that competes well with the LFA in terms of sheer driving excitement and track performance. Also, nothing BMW, Mercedes or Audi built that can match the LFA's F1 V10 racing exotic screaming sound and 9500 revs. You have to be really out of touch with reality to be saying those things where everyone is talking about the LFA.
    • Youre kiddin right? Ever heard of the mercedes SLR mclaren or the SLS AMG?