Lexus LFA & SC 430 Featured in Top Gear’s Worst Car in the History of the World Special

Lexus LFA in the Worst Car History World

Last week, Top Gear released their The Worst Car in the History of the World DVD special, and two Lexus cars were featured. This is both good and bad — first off, there’s this segment with the LFA where Jeremy Clarkson calls the Lexus supercar “absolutely perfect” and “bloody brilliant”:

Unfortunately (and unfairly, if I may say), the second Lexus featured does not fare so well. I won’t spoil the ending just yet — jump to 1:01 of this video and see for yourself:

(This video above is the full special, and will not be available on Youtube for much longer. Be sure to watch it while you have the chance.)


Eventually, Jeremy Clarkson & James May name the SC 430 as the “worst car in the history of the world”. This is a laughable decision made to balance out their praise of the LFA — my first instinct is to defend the SC, but the very idea is pure nonsense. Like all Top Gear episodes, it’s in the pursuit of entertainment and not something to take seriously.

(Thanks LF-Eh!)