Photo Gallery: Lexus GS F SPORT in Matte Sky Blue

Lexus GS in Matte Sky Blue

While in Allentown to photograph the two-tone Lexus LFA, I also took a ride in Lexus of Lehigh Valley’s vibrantly wrapped blue GS F SPORT:

I could feel the eyes of other drivers on me as I drove this GS around looking for a good photo location — never in my life have I felt so conspicuous in a car, not even with the LFA.

This GS is just one of the dealership’s wrapped fleet, most of them courtesy cars:

It’s unusual to see Lexus cars wrapped in colors so bold, and makes for an interesting tactic by Lexus of Lehigh Valley — one thing’s for sure, these cars will certainly draw their fair share of attention to the dealership.

(Special thanks to everyone at Lexus of Lehigh Valley for their hospitality — it was a pleasure to spend the day with the friendly people at this dealership.)


  1. WTF are they thinking? The GS looks horrible in those colors, noone is going to want to buy them after seeing that. I admit, I like the CTs.
  2. YUCK, this color ruins the cars personality. Maybe on a LFA.
  3. Why do I like that baby blue GS so much?I should find it repulsive,but I dont...I feel it's just right & it doesn't go too far...perfect for a Lexus.I'm not feeling the CT's or the IS though & the yellow GS looks like a taxi!
  4. I'm in LOVE! The contrast between the soft fuzzy paint finish and the sharp creases and angles on the GS is stunning! It looks really mean yet cuddly at the same time lol. Baby blue would make a really nice hybrid exclusive color too...can't help imagining what a matte white finish would look like on this baby
  5. New HS photo was leaked today in Japan.
  6. Cute color on a angry looking car... Im in intrigued by it
  7. That's such a great idea. All of our loaners should be like that, especially with the amount of door dings and scratches they get every month. It saves a paint job.
  8. Does the blue GS have a custom radiator?