Photo Gallery: Lexus GS F SPORT in Matte Sky Blue

Lexus GS in Matte Sky Blue

While in Allentown to photograph the two-tone Lexus LFA, I also took a ride in Lexus of Lehigh Valley’s vibrantly wrapped blue GS F SPORT:

I could feel the eyes of other drivers on me as I drove this GS around looking for a good photo location — never in my life have I felt so conspicuous in a car, not even with the LFA.

This GS is just one of the dealership’s wrapped fleet, most of them courtesy cars:

It’s unusual to see Lexus cars wrapped in colors so bold, and makes for an interesting tactic by Lexus of Lehigh Valley — one thing’s for sure, these cars will certainly draw their fair share of attention to the dealership.

(Special thanks to everyone at Lexus of Lehigh Valley for their hospitality — it was a pleasure to spend the day with the friendly people at this dealership.)