Photo Gallery: Matte Black Lexus CT 200h

Lexus CT

While at the Northern California Evolution Meet at Lexus of Sacramento last month, photographer Philip Isidro had a chance to do a night photo shoot with a matte black CT 200h:

Owned by Timmy Tang & Jessica Banh, this matte CT adds just the right mix of menace to the hybrid hatchback — nicely done all around.

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  1. I've seen a matte black CT up close,and it really works! 
  2. Ugly, matte is not good for this car. 
    • I agree with you BOSS!It sounds nice in theory,but in conjunction with the lowering kit,it just doesn't work...almost as though it was a 3 door hatch turned into a 5 door hatch as an after thought or a back yard job.Sorry anybody that likes it,but to me,it just doesn't look very Lexus like to me.
    • BTW,subtle upgrades on any Lexus go a LONG way!Just saying.
  3. not a good combination. its already a slow car, now it looks heavier w/the drop. invisible elephant sitting on top? LOL
  4. The matte black is OK, but the lowering just looks ridiculous.
  5. It's on bags fellas, calm down