Camouflaged Next-Generation Lexus IS Spotted in Europe

The next-generation Lexus IS has been spotted again, this time in a eye-deceiving swirl-pattern body wrap — here are some photos from Autowereld:

Lexus IS 2014 Swirl Front
Lexus IS 2014 Swirl Side
Lexus IS 2014 Swirl Rear

Unlike the previous camouflage, some design details of the new IS can be seen, and what’s visible looks very similar to the LF-CC concept:

Lexus LF-CC vs IS Comparison
Lexus LF-CC vs IS Comparison

It’s always difficult to judge camouflaged vehicles — the next-generation IS appears ever-so-slightly bigger, with a similar profile to the current model. What little detail can be seen is very encouraging, but there’s still too much hidden by swirls to get an accurate read.

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