More Spy Shots of the Camouflaged 2014 Lexus IS

2014 Lexus IS

More photos of the camouflaged Lexus IS have surfaced by way of UK website GMotors — let’s take it angle-by-angle, starting with the front:

2014 Lexus IS Spotted Front

The combination of black vinyl and foam inserts have obscured any real detail, but even so, the Lexus spindle grille is clearly visible:

2014 Lexus IS Grille Zoom

From the barely visible headlights to the broadest curves, there’s a strong family resemblance to the fourth-generation GS — hardly a surprise, but still notable.

Moving on, let’s look at the side profile along with a side profile of the current model:

2014 Lexus IS Side Profile

I’m sure advanced calculations could say for sure, but the new IS appears larger than the current model, at least from the B-pillar on back. Clearly, there’s something going on with the tiny wheels, perhaps as a technique to disguise the car’s size.

Here’s the final angle:

2014 Lexus IS Rear

Beyond the tiny hint of the swooping dash, the only thing visible is just how much the overall shape has being deformed underneath the vinyl, especially with the front end.

Overall, these photos would suggest an evolution of the current IS design, but with so much camouflage, there’s no real point in jumping to any conclusions — best thing to do is jump over to GMotors, check out the full gallery, and report back if you spot any more details.

View more 2014 Lexus IS photos at GMotors (Thanks Andrus!)


  1. These are much better shots -rear space looks to have grown, the doors dont look like the rear wheel intrudes so much as current, which is a good thing in my book.  The C pillar now looks to  be more reminiscent of the Mk 1 - maybe.     Havent they discuised the spindle grille well!   Cant wait to see this with the wraps off!     
  2. Looks good but round fog lights again??  can't we get a little more innovative?
  3. hmm does it not have led daytime lights?
  4. It is definitely larger and as it was said the wheels look tiny because of it.The headlight look a lot like the CT and GS so I take it they are LED DRL.The Spindle grille seems smaller than the ES which is okay to me. Can't wait to hear about what's under the hood. 
  5. F1

    I think the excessive amount of camo is giving us the impression that it's large.. I hope for Lexus sake that the IS will be noticeably smaller in size to the GS, which in person was quite larger than I thought..
  6. Tiny wheels just mean the smalll engine....  ride hight still high on Lexus cars I see
  7. This render looks oddly similar for some reason. Were these possibly leaked design proposals and even altered for Japanese legal purposes? The only difference is that the character line doesn't run through the door handles on the FEP prototype and the render's fascia looks different on the teaser, but the side and rear profiles are nearly identical. Without a doubt the teasers and the heavily disguised prototype are a 99% match.
  8. It looks aggressive with the camo on! Can't wait to see what she looks like! But more importantly can't wait for the F and hopefully a dedicated coupe rather than the hardtop convertible :D
  9. Car and Driver posted a front shot of the third gen IS earlier this year:
    • I'm sorry, but that is NOT the 3rd generation IS. Unfortunately someone gave you false information. Clearly the source (Alex Stoklosa at C&D) was too lazy to do proper research before stating that the current GS in silhouette was the 2014 IS. I am also sure that after reading my incorrect Youtube comment, he lazily made the incorrect assumption that the next IS was in that video, which it wasn't. It's too bad that a lot of journalists nowadays often practice laziness and in the process mislead their readers. That is exactly why I refuse to renew with C&D as their quality of late disappoints me. Even though they're very blurry, the best examples of the 2014 IS uncovered are the images confirmed by Lexus, which I posted above in one of my earlier comments. Source - Car and Driver: 2013 Lexus LS (Plus 2013 ES and 2014 IS) Previewed in Video: Hello Spindle Grille
  10. Car and Driver posted a front shot of the third generation IS earlier this year:
    • Exactly. Whoever did that at C&D is an idiot that bersmirches what journalists stand for(let alone automotive journalists). It is precisely what I imagined upon seeing that months ago. Many people online are getting confused and mislead by someone from a magazine that wields a lot of sway. I already sound like a broken trying to undo what careless editors spread as correct info, in saying that is clearly the 4th gen. GS(L10) and that the IS(XE30) was never featured as an official teaser. The next generation IS codenamed XE30 was hiddenly added in a "press only" L-finesse/LF-LC video presentation back in January and only a few clever people later spotted it on YouTube. Since then, Lexus nor Toyota have released any new media in relation to it.
    •  Correction: besmirches
  11. That front fender is getting my attention.There's an interesting line that runs from the top of the wheel arch to the rear of the fender & the front doors.
  12. Only negative for me is that the rear exhaust is kind of old fashion, unless it's a new hybrid model....?
    • Placing the old exhaust tips as a disguise for the rumored IS300h could also explain the small wheels and high ride height. 
    • Fik

      High ride height there are always different size wheels that could mean that the wheel is a size 17in it doesn't mean it has a high ride height if the car wheel well is small on a 17 in that means 19 & 20 size rims won't fit
  13. ew IS is rumoured to be sportier and more upmarket than the outgoing model. New IS is reportedly based on the stretched version of the rear-wheel drive platform underpinning the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT 86
  14. I think the biggest thing holding the current IS back is how small the back seat is. BD
  15. Hi Krew, I know you are very busy, but I think there are a lot more at Motor Authority taken in front of a Toyota dealership. Thanks for all the news!
  16. F1

    Will Lexus bump the displacement to 3.8L? That would be pretty sweet, you should expect like 360+ HP But the 3.5L is already extremely fast to 60mph, 5 seconds average and sub 5 are not uncommon..
  17. Those are Prius wheels, looks like 15" my neighbour has them on his '11 Prius