Lexus LFA & Toyota 2000GT Together Again

While on display at the Luxury + Super Car Weekend in Vancouver two weeks ago, the OpenRoad Lexus LFA had a chance photoshoot with a Toyota 2000GT (click for a larger image):

Lexus LFA & Toyota 2000GT

This marks the third time I’ve featured the 2000GT & LFA together (see post one & post two), and the similarities between the two cars still amazes me — the LFA is the direct descendant of the first Toyota supercar, and it really shows in this photo.

(Thanks Berny!)


    • No, they're the same PUR wheels as before:
  1. PLEASE make this into a screensaver, Krew!  If ever there was a screensaver to make, this is it! You can do it! BD
  2. Toyota should be very proud!
  3. I want my isf that shade of red.