Pearl Red Lexus LFA on 21″ PUR Wheels

Vancouver dealership Open Road Lexus has a new set of 21″ PUR 4OUR DEPTH wheels on their Pearl Red LFA — just check out these photos:

Project Reignfire Lexus LFA #022 Side

Project Reignfire Lexus LFA #022 Wheels

Project Reignfire Lexus LFA #022 Side 2

Might just be the photography, but the wheels look great — best aftermarket wheel I’ve seen on an LFA yet.

See more photos of the Project Reignfire Lexus LFA


  1. Not bad, but concave wheels are getting played out, it's on almost everything I see these days.
  2. The reason why I think these aftermarket wheels are the best I've seen on an LFA is because they look similar to the first F-Sport wheels released for the IS/GS line. Giving it a somewhat natural look to the Lexus.
  3. Im sorry but... These wheels are done right UGLY. The color of the rim does not go with the red paint and the color of the lip doesn't match either. I have YET to see good looking wheels on the LFA. The OEM wheels are the perfect match for the car and the LFA stock wheels are IMO more sweet/rare then any aftermarket rim. I dont understand why people mess with perfection. If I had a LFA the most I would do is tint the windows. Wouldn't touch anything else.
    •  I wouldn't replace the stock wheels if I had an LFA but are you saying the black color of these wheels does not go with the red paint? Kind of an unusual observation.....since black and red go well together.
    • This LFA is at the dealership where I work.  The plan is to use these rims as "daily drivers" so that the originals can be kept in mint condition. By the way, this LFA was featured at all  Canadian Auto shows this years.
  4. This LFA is actually parked at the Open Road Lexus Richmond Automall if you want to check it out. I took my ordinary Lexus for a service, wandering around the facility and found this LFA parked inside a side garage with glass garage doors. The license plate reads "Open Rd", those wheels are simply stunning in real. See to appreciate.
  5. I love them; and I normally hate aftermarket rims on exotic cars.
  6. Classy! Those wheels work surprisingly well for that car.