Lexus Sales in August: A Deeper Look at the Numbers

2013 Lexus GS F SPORT

August was a very good month for Lexus sales, but it’s not clear just how good without taking a deeper look at the numbers.

The most shocking news by far, and something I didn’t realize until a TLE commenter tipped me off — the Lexus GS outsold the BMW 5-series by 143 units, 1,831 to 1,688 sales.

Granted, there’s something unusual about the low volume of the 5-series, which has averaged 4,778 sales in the previous seven months. It might have something to do with with BMW’s padded July numbers, but no matter, the numbers don’t lie — the GS was the second-best selling midsize luxury sedan in August, behind the Mercedes E Class and its 4,515 sales.

Even more impressive, the Lexus ES was the USA’s best selling luxury car in August:

  • Lexus ES: 7,557 sales
  • Mercedes C Class: 6,519 sales
  • BMW 3 Series: 6,208 sales

It’s worth pointing out that it was a transitional month for the ES, with dealerships moving out the 2012 model to make way for the new 2013 ES 350 & ES 300h, but this level of sales volume is staggering, regardless of circumstance.

Finally, the title of best selling luxury vehicle in America is going to be a tight race. Currently, the BMW 3 Series is out front with 60,621 units sold, but the Lexus RX is a very close second, with 60,002 sales. This leads to a bigger question — if Lexus can keep up its pace, just how close can it get to being the best-selling brand in the USA this year?

(Special thanks to BlackDynamiteNY & MPLexus301 at Club Lexus for crunching the numbers!)