Lexus August 2012 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported total sales of 24,237 for August 2012, an improvement of 28.9% over last year — here it is model-by-model:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2012 2011 % CHG* 2012 2011 % CHG*
CT 1,472 2,087 -32.1 12,417 7,408 66.8
HS 7 284 -97.6 633 1,947 -67.6
IS 2,369 2,865 -20.4 18,859 18,185 3.2
ES 7,557 3,887 87.2 29,581 23,333 26.2
GS 1,831 388 354.4 14,563 2,794 418.7
LS 786 816 -7.2 4,358 5,643 -23.1
SC 0 0 N/A 2 18 -88.9
LFA 2 4 -51.9 29 40 -27.9
Total Cars 14,024 10,331 30.7 80,442 59,368 34.8
RX 8,628 6,504 27.7 60,002 51,813 15.2
GX 1,071 958 7.7 6,772 7,424 -9.2
LX 514 310 59.7 3,388 2,047 64.7
Total Trucks 10,213 7,772 26.5 70,162 61,284 13.9
Total Sales 24,237 18,103 28.9 150,604 120,652 24.2

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. August 2012 had 27 selling days, August 2011 had 26 selling days.

With 24,237 units sold, Lexus USA has posted its best sales month of the year so far, surpassing both BMW (22,553 16,835 units) & Mercedes (20,557 units) in August sales.

Part of the brand’s success this month can be attributed to the Golden Opportunity sales event, but the arrival of the 2013 ES to dealerships also had a significant impact (the new ES 300h was responsible for 800 sales in August, despite limited availability).

The GS also maintained its 400+ percent improvement over 2011, and most other models also saw sales increases — however, the IS & CT both saw double-digit sale decreases, which is unusual for two of Lexus’ most consistent volume sellers.

Let’s end with a quote from Tim Morrison, vice president of Lexus sales, taken from the monthly sales conference call:

Year to date, we have sold over 150,000 vehicles, including more than 22,000 hybrids, putting us right on plan to reach our annual sales goals.

With a strong Labor Day weekend, the momentum continues into September, and we expect another strong month as we head into the Fall.


Lexus Canada sales were up 18.7%, with 1,431 units sold. The biggest single jump by far was the GS 350, with sales increasing 1057.1% (!!!), followed by the RX 450h with a 86.5% boost over last August.

View the full model-by-model breakdown for Lexus Canada (PDF)


  1. Great month for Lexus the new RX and ES just explode who said the spindle grille was ugly and a failure  .... Can't wait for the IS.... Everywhere I went on FB everyone had just bought a new ES am so directing my sister to a new ES or Avalon or even an RX saving the IS for myself just amazing the way these car exploded even tho I don't think all is the 13' ES
  2. The Lexus GS actually outsold the BMW 5-series for the first time, plus the Audi A6 and Infiniti M last month That said, this was the second month it failed to reach 2k, so it may be time to improve the lease program...... BD
    • That's well deserved of the GS. I'm surprised about the 5-series as I seem to see quite a few of them. But I am also seeing more and more GS's on the road. Seeing them in the wild makes me proud to own one.
    • The new 5-series is a joke when compared head-to-head with the new GS. Glad the GS is pulling ahead. Thanks for the info.
    • Abc

      BMW 5 Series ouldsold BMW 3 Series globally (22,337 vs. 20,951) and BMW reports best August sales ever: This might also explain the hidden fact that 5-series were in demand elsewhere around the world and couldn't make it to the US shores.
  3. F1

    Finally Lexus sold as much as they should
  4. CONGRATULATIONS LEXUS !     Moving in the right direction to regain the sales crown. If not this year, 2013 for sure......the spindle grill has made an impact and I am very excited and anxious for the LS and ES to show off for a while with the numbers coming our way soon !   The future is so bright for LEXUS and actually I think there is a bit of the public that surely dislikes the fact that the German automakers  have passed us up and gained a lead....but not for long.....KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK....NEW PRODUCTS, NEW LOOKS AND PURSUIT IF PERFECTION....A WINNING TEAM !
    • Interesting results, here in Australia Lexus is on a path in the opposite direction, numbers dropping off big time. Cars really are just a perception. Hopefully they can regain some momentum here.
  5. It's amazing that Lexus beat BMW and Merc, without even the new IS! 2013 IS will set Lexus on fire.. 2013 here we come!!
  6. For bmw brand, only 16835 sales and not 22553 ;)
  7. The ES will level off at about 5k sales a month. The RX is always good for 7-9k a month They need to make the IS into a volume seller, bringing in another 5-6k a month There is no reason why a C-Class should easily outsell it. The LX is gonna sell over 5k this year.  That's great numbers for a $80k truck! BD
  8. So with these selling numbers for the ES - it´s time for Lexus to build the ES in the US. I am pretty sure Lexus can not build enough ES models per month at Kyushu for all the markets around the world.
  9. Not sure how they work these figures out but surely a drop on the LFA from 4 to 2 is -50% not -51.9%?
    • All percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. August 2012 had 27 selling days, August 2011 had 26 selling days.