Lexus LFA & LF-LC Star in Golden Opportunity Commercials

Three commercials for Lexus USA’s annual Golden Opportunity sales event have been posted, and feature some daredevil driving, the LFA, and the LF-LC:

These are some well thought-out commercials — even though the LF-LC only appears briefly, I have to think it will generate a ton of interest with people unfamiliar with the concept. Smart move.


  2. Nice. You always show off in commercials, and Lexus did a great job.This is all so new to me though. I'm used to seeing only the IS, ES, and RX. How much discount do we get on the LFA? :P
  3. Marketing has always been a Lexus strength. The LFA was great! BD
  4. I love how it says NO OFFERS FOR LFA! hahaha and I think them showing the LF-LC foreshadows the possibility of a production model. I only with they showed the LX in on somehow. It was the third (counting CT) to wear the Spindle Grille and should be advertised.
  5. I remember when I first say the commercial I was cooking and saw a glimpse of the es I rub jump over the couch and saw the end I look every where on u tube for it couldn't find it ... Lexus did a marvelous job on these I am looking to buy a 2010+ is 350 F sport most preferred any info or tips please reply to comment
  6. All that talk about Lexus copying Sonata, just look at this commercial where the ISF passes the GS F sport. You can see the resemblance/evolution in tail lights! Anyways great commercial, id love a new GS and the LFA sounds amazing!!
  7. These commercials are so awesome! My favorite is the hybrid DNA. 
  8. I was Walking through Times Square and seen 1st vid Lexus actually have the 1st vid playing on the big screen in Times Square...I just emailed LE on this glad they posted the vids. Good Stuff
  9. Showing the LF-LC concept car with the other Lexus hybrid models means to me that the LF-LC production model (i think there is no more doubt about it) will be a hybrid!!