Lexus Second Overall in American Customer Satisfaction Index

2012 Lexus LS 460

The American Customer Service Index has released their annual automotive customer satisfaction report, and Lexus placed second overall with 89 points, just one point behind Lincoln — however, David VanAmburg, managing director of ACSI, did qualify Lincoln’s position at the top:

Ford’s Lincoln brand, which is in the early stages of a makeover, had the best score at 90. But VanAmburg cautioned that its declining sales in recent years helped its score.

“What you’ll find is that precisely because a customer base is shrinking, the ACSI score can go up because essentially what’s left is your most-loyal, most-satisfied niche customer base,” he said.

Scores are based on a survey of 5,000 U.S. customers, and overall, the automotive brands averaged 84 on the 100-point scale.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]


  1. Not really a good news for me ... :
  2. Never heard of ACSI BD
  3. there you have it, it's all lincoln fanboys that are jeering on lincoln.
  4. ford, (lincoln/mercury) are some ugly ass cars. Luxury class? Hell-to-the-NO! 
    • Lincoln was a very fine car in the 60's and 70's and then lost it's way after that as Cadillac did.   I truthfully think Lincoln will have a very difficult time keeping afloat in the future....there average age group buyer is one of the oldest of any carmaker today. LEXUS is still the BEST !
  5. Sorry for typo (Their instead of there)----type faster than my brain half the time.:)
  6. LINCOLN??? what the hell is a LINCOLN?
  7. What's worrying is the possibility that customer satisfaction may dip. If you look at the trend, although over a short period of time, it looks like Lexus has a tendency to reach a high ACSI score then drop. The same goes for the other manufacturers. Lexus needs to watch out and make sure that they at least maintain this 89% (1 in 10 customers unsatisfied) and aim for 95% (1 in 20 customers unsatisfied).  What do Americans care for and at what price? Everyone who buys a Lexus buys it for the luxury at a cheaper price but do they care about fuel economy? Horsepower? Torque? Reliability? Cost of service? Warranty? etc... However, the dilemma is, what about the rest of the world? Lexus's clientele is not limited to the North America. Lexus has a huge fan base all around the world. The GCC alone probably buys more Lexus vehicles than the entire US. I see more LX's than any other luxury SUV. Personally, I would like to see far more options available to the customer, not in terms of cars but interior/exterior options. I would like to see IS-F's replacing C63s for the most ridiculous, in a good way, car ever. I would like to see Lexus putting its hand into every Service Center's performance, upkeep and maintenance of cars. They need to be more involved to ensure that the end user is so satisfied they wouldn't recommend anything else. For example, I would like to see a Lexus rep. here in the UAE providing us with time in an LFA around the Yas Marina Circuit.  I would also like to see Lexus proving why it is what it is and why it made the decisions that it did. Why did you decide to ditch the touch screen? Why do you use a button to lock the doors as opposed to capacitive touch (MB)? Why are your buttons not the same color as the door handle? etc ... I think I should have posted these in the Lexus Idea Engine but alas, I was not free enough then. It's true that Lexus is a great manufacturer and that's why I loved my IS but that may not always be the case. If another manufacturer, say MB or BMW, offered a similar vehicle at the same price point would Lexus still be able to persuade potential buyers to choose them over their German rivals? Can Lexus steal die-hard MB/BMW fans? Can Lexus provide safety features that were previously unheard of? Can Lexus spend more money into R&D than VW does? "Toyota spends a measly 3.8 percent of its total revenue on research and development." Source: Lexus needs to be ahead of the game, not a follower. Don't just be bold in design, be bold in your innovations.
  8. F1

    Ford probably made some donations for this survey.. Ford also just recently funded a group to support a ANTI-JAPAN Free-trade with USA.. They want to exclude Japan from the fta Typical American business, just look at apple they are sore losers who just got it handed to them by Samsung and now they're just talking sh*t and suing everyone.. When Americans can't compete they complain and use dirty tactics
  9. Congrats to both brands a very good achievement. Have not seen a Lincoln in years I think it must now only be marketed in the USA. Ford is producing some good cars again which is good for the overall market. Wish Lexus would work on the CT it needs an engine option and another gearbox option.