First Official Video of the 2013 Lexus LS

Here’s the first official video of the 2013 Lexus LS:

Lineage is so important when it comes to luxury flagship sedans, and I’m hoping that the marketing of the 2013 LS continues to draw on the history of the model — still, what an amazing transformation since the LS debut in 1989.


  1. Thanks Lexus , I drooled all over my keyboard again .
  2. I always say that Lexus is in the process of building one HECK of a prestige!
  3. I've a question , the 386hp , is only for F-Sport model ? Or all LS460 get 386hp version of the 4.6-liter V8 ?
  4. Now who's copying who fan boys?Hope all the haters see this video!Great job Lexus!
  5. Honestly, this video doesn't impress me.   I remember when they first started, the promotional videos they put out. The problem with Lexus is they have such an impressive marketing history to live up to. This one misses the mark.   Great if you were Audi, but not up to Lexus standards..... BD
    • Yeah, you have a good point. Lexy is so perfect in their adverts, when they slip once its a huge deal.  audi can't even create an advert close to this quality. 
  6. Hmm, time to save up....for that F-Sport
  7. 386hp LS F Sport enough? I guess we will find out when the reviews come out. BTW, not talking about MT, C&D, RT reviews. These mofos have it in for the Japanese car makers. 
  8. This vid impresses me very much - it's awful - BUT the vintage clips of the LS 400 or the GS 400 are more amazing! I love this new 2013 LS - especially the new F Sport - more then I expected in the beginning, but I think it's not enough for the future - this car is ok for ons or two years but then Lexus needs definitly a new flagship ...
  9. F1

  10. Really impressed. I like it a lot.