Lexus Releases 2013 LS Teaser Image

Lexus has released a teaser image of the 2013 LS (click for a larger image):

2013 Lexus LS Teaser

Unlike with the 2013 GS teaser from last year, this image shows no details when adjusted in Photoshop — instead, let’s overlay the smoke on top of the existing LS:

2013 Lexus LS Overlay

Not to say this is an accurate representation, but there looks to be little difference in the LS side profile.

This brings up an interesting point — looking back on the 2013 ES & 2013 GS press releases, both are clearly referenced as the next-generation model, and the phrase “all-new” is used to describe them. However, that’s not the case with the 2013 LS:

Lexus will hold the World Premiere of the new Lexus LS flagship sedan at a special invitation-only event in San Francisco on Monday, July 30.

The 2013 LS will be available as the LS 460, LS 460 L long wheelbase, LS 600h L hybrid sedan and the all-new LS 460 F SPORT.

“All-new” is only used to describe the LS 460 F SPORT, and there’s no mention that this is the next-generation model. This would suggest that the 2013 LS is not a full model change, but rather an extensive update to the current vehicle — something my crude mockup would appear to back up.

(Of course, this is something that’s been long-rumored on the forums and in the site comments here — however, this is the first public indication that the rumours could be correct.)

The 2013 LS will be revealed at 8:30 PT/11:30 ET on July 30th in San Francisco — the event will be broadcast live on the Lexus USA website and the Lexus Facebook page.

[Source: Lexus Facebook]