Next-Generation Lexus LS Teased!

2013 Lexus LS Teaser

A teaser of the next-generation 2013 Lexus LS was released in a most unlikely fashion when it was included in a Lexus UK video interview with RX chief engineer Takayuki Katsuda.

Used as an example of upcoming models that will feature the new Lexus spindle grille, the LS was one of four teaser images were briefly displayed:

(My guesses in order: the GS 450h, the CT 200h F Sport, the next-generation ES, and the next-generation LS.)

Normally I wouldn’t be so confident about discerning a mostly hidden model, but my suspicions were confirmed by the Mungenast Lexus dealership blog — let’s take a closer look at the LS (click for a larger version):

2013 Lexus LS Teaser

The new LS has adopted the brand’s spindle grille with perhaps the boldest interpretation yet — although it could just be a trick of the lighting, it appears the LS may have a full chrome hourglass shape around the grille.

The only other discernible detail are the headlights:

Next-Generation Lexus LS Headlight

Almost certainly what Kiyotaka Ise, the head of Lexus, was referring to when he mentioned “significant developments where the headlamps are concerned”, the LS headlights are different than any I’ve seen before, and would certainly bring a distinctive look to the Lexus flagship sedan.

Lastly, here’s the video that had the four teaser images:

Update: As jruhi4 points out in the comments, there’s also a teaser of the LX in the video that I missed.

[Source: Lexus UK]