Next-Generation Lexus LS Teased!

2013 Lexus LS Teaser

A teaser of the next-generation 2013 Lexus LS was released in a most unlikely fashion when it was included in a Lexus UK video interview with RX chief engineer Takayuki Katsuda.

Used as an example of upcoming models that will feature the new Lexus spindle grille, the LS was one of four teaser images were briefly displayed:

(My guesses in order: the GS 450h, the CT 200h F Sport, the next-generation ES, and the next-generation LS.)

Normally I wouldn’t be so confident about discerning a mostly hidden model, but my suspicions were confirmed by the Mungenast Lexus dealership blog — let’s take a closer look at the LS (click for a larger version):

2013 Lexus LS Teaser

The new LS has adopted the brand’s spindle grille with perhaps the boldest interpretation yet — although it could just be a trick of the lighting, it appears the LS may have a full chrome hourglass shape around the grille.

The only other discernible detail are the headlights:

Next-Generation Lexus LS Headlight

Almost certainly what Kiyotaka Ise, the head of Lexus, was referring to when he mentioned “significant developments where the headlamps are concerned”, the LS headlights are different than any I’ve seen before, and would certainly bring a distinctive look to the Lexus flagship sedan.

Lastly, here’s the video that had the four teaser images:

Update: As jruhi4 points out in the comments, there’s also a teaser of the LX in the video that I missed.

[Source: Lexus UK]


  1. Ehhhh. Im feeling this Swindle Grille was a mistake. All Lexus models look the same and thats what I hate about BMW and Audi, the all look the same. At least Lexus had some differences within models, now its like Swindle Grille, same headlights, not body sculpture on the sides, rear that kind of looks the same in each now. 
    • At first, I was with you on the grille...not a huge fan. However, working for a Lexus dealership and seeing them on a day-to-day basis its really growing on me. It gives the line a much more aggressive look and is just one way Lexus is trying to appeal to a younger demographic; its not your everyday town car anymore...Sunday drivers beware. Also, just on a side note, it is being referred to as a 'Spindle' grille in an effort to show the history of the company which started as a loom company. 
    • Thats true. I know what they are doing and I love it, I guess I dont really mind it because each grille is still different. To tell you the truth, the headlights bother me! There is no style in them! They ALL have the same headlights. Also there is no body sculpting (if thats the correct term). I hate the Hyundai Sonata but that body line that goes down the side that the door handles sit on is just gorgeous and awesome! I wish Lexus would do that, if they did it would be 10x better than Hyundai's. 
    • If you like the moronic side sculpting of the Huyndai, then you should buy the damn Huyndai instead of whining on Lexus!!! Whiners like you could ruin the brand incase Lexus would listen to some of you. Some of the ideas some of you whiners have, are som dumb that I dont know what to say!
    • One more comment like this and you're banned. Final warning.
    • The trend of having to filli every square inch of the cars body with a crease or a line is just bad design work. It's more to design than just form. People are so uninformed it hurts.
    • The "no body sculpture on the sides thing" is a good thing. Lexus shouldtn start to mimic Huyndai, Kia or Bmw.
    • I do like that. Lexus need a corporate image, and they got it with the spindle grill.
  2. Kevin: Look carefully at the video again, and there's a fifth teaser grille image, which is clearly and obviously the just-launched facelifted LX. Interesting that a Lexus UK video would feature teasers for the ES and LX models that aren't even sold there...
  3. I think I'll hold onto my 2010 LS it looks just fine to me
  4. I'm liking what I see so far of the new LS The ES is a nice improvement, but they have to fix the hood/grille relationship up front.  The rest works nicely. BD
  5. The perforations around the headlights onthe LS have been hinted at in several photoshop speculations in the last few years. Seems they were onto something.
  6. I was like ... Lexus GS ? XD
  7. The chrome seems a bit intense here.
  8. I think it looks great, I hope the did the full hour glass and its just not a play with the lights like the photo's for the GS.
    • I  agree...the full outline in chrome on the spindle grill would be outstanding and not like each other model just partially captured....the LX looks really good I think with the refresh. the grill is outstanding.
  9. The "perforations" are most likely just LED turn signals.  (It's about time Lexus started that...)
    • I too thinnk the "perforations" are likely to be LED turn signals----would be quite a change from current and not like anyone else.....agreed LEXUS needs to start that.....the rear blinking as well.  i wonder what type of fog light treatment might be down there you think the fog lights might be taken away?
  10. PG

     Judging by the mesh grill, this could be an LS F-Sport.
  11. That second image is definitely not the CT 200h F Sport, unless you're thinking of a facelift?
    • I think Mike Stevens is right. Seems to me that changing the "(My guesses in order: the GS 450h, the CT 200h F Sport, the next-generation ES, and the next-generation LS.)" sentence to "(My guesses in order: the CT 200h F Sport, the GS 450h, the next-generation ES, and the next-generation LS.)" would correct the photo/caption alignment.
    • The North American CT F Sport has a different bumper than Australia:
    • Cripes, so it does! I had no idea. Thanks Krew, that's cleared things up for me a little.
    • My pleasure. :-)
  12. Nah. In order of those four thumbnails above the bracketed comment, I see: GS, CT 200h F Sport facelift (mostly the lower grille, but the headlight internals are different to the Australian CT F Sport), ES, LS. Frankly I'd love for the supposed LS shown here to be the new IS, but my colleagues disagree. 
  13. With the updated RX/LX fronts with spindle grill, the new CT/GS/ES, I'm very interested in seeing the next-gen IS. They have a lot of great elements they could use in the IS, and could come up with some new and exciting ones. I think if the IS and LS are huge improvements. Then BMW/MB have to worry as this is looking to be a deadly lineup of style, performance, and green-vehicles.
  14. The way the spindle grille has stirred so much controversy, I think this could end up being like the. Acura chrome grille fiasco.
    • That's not what the sales of US and Japan demonstrate. I was like "wtf?" the first time I saw the spindle grill, but the more I see it, the more I like it. And this is just about the exterior, the interior is just gorgeous, outstanding.
  15. The first from left is the New GS then CT,ES and the last is the LS
  16. The new CT looks great! (if that is indeed the second one) The grill looks more pronounced like the 13 GS and the headlights are different. They are the LED headlamps but the led DRL strips look like they are L shaped now and they extend across. I cant wait to see it. Also, werent these sneak peaks out before?? Like the background picture of some of the LF-LC displays, or are they different?
    • The ES picture also shows that the spy shots from china were correct with that hood line above the grill.
    • You mean this? 
    • Yes both of them seem to show this picture and the other models. These have been out for months. Why is it just catching attention now?
    • I also wonder why no one did see them in January, but most importantly is this one is a large individual image and I believe no one expected Lexus to quietly provide teasers the way they did. They could post a new video tomorrow and it would take us days to spot something out of ordinary. I also am wondering no one has seen more photos, as they exist and I've seen them in full color of this particular car. They are angled shots though. The headlights are very triangular like the current IS. I think I have also spotted the new IS for real and not the CT F Sport like before. I also have images of the generic 2013/2014 LS and previously uploaded the new non-F Sport/F model LSh, which I hope some of you saw already.
  17. Regarding the whole spindle grille on every car thing, I am all for it, as each car's grille has it's own distinct flavor, but from a distance, people will say "That's a Lexus!"  instead of "That's a ES300" Companies want the brand to be the standout, not the car.  They want you to say, think, feel the brand first, then worry about which car in that brand it is.   The car is SUPPOSED to be secondary to the brand.  That's why Acura abandoned their very successful Integra/Legend names.   "I drive a Legend." "Who makes those?" That's not how you build a brand..... BD
    • Problem is, most of the people I have heard hate the spindle grille.
    • Looks infinitely better than Audi's gaping hole, or Mercedes new corporate grille that has recently marred the new SL, or the epic failure of the Acura beak.  People hate change.  But the GS, LX, RX have all improved their styling from before. It's not even close..... BD
  18. I have no doubt this could be the next gen LS, but I wouldn't doubt it being the next gen IS either. Lexus is focusing more on performance and judging by the mesh grille, it's obviously an F-sport model. We might also be starring at the next gen IS.
  19. It could be an IS but it has the LED headlamps that i believe are only on hybrid models. I may be wrong though. But if thats true its either an LS or a IS 350h f sport
  20. If Lexus made a 4 door coupe based this+LF-LC = AMAZING. LS 600h C :D; or a variation of the next SC just like bmw's 6 series: coupe, convertible, 4doorcoupe 
    • There's no such thing as a "4 door coupe"! To be a coupe the car has to be a two-door. Its an essential part in the defenition of a coupe. Learn what a coupe is before you post!
    • its not just him, the automotive world has brainwashed buyers and enthusiasts that there is such thing. it started with Merc CLS 4- door coupe. Its a complete oxymoron but i guess thats what theyre striving for. 
    • haha I know that, it was just easier to say. I just like those particular fast back, sleek coupe like shaped four door sedans. There's need to be so serious and brusque. Sorry if I "offended" you (including Bobby), but I did not mean any harm. I guess if those kind of cars is not you're style, i'm fine with it. Lexus design has always been amazing with contrasting elements of smooth and sharp, especially lately (LF-LC). I feel that Lexus is very capable and has great potential in creating a "4 door coupe" or a sedan with a coupe like silhouette that could look absolutely gorgeous and also undoubtedly beat out the Germans.
  21. RAL

    I have been dubious about the spindle grill.  But I love it as it appears on the LF-LC with the complete metal hour glass surround.  So it seems this will also appear on the next generation LS.  It definitely has more of the refined look I prize. 
  22. IDK about everyone else.... but I CANT FREAKIN WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!! The new GS has grown on me and total stands out in a crowd of 5,E, and A6. I really want to see the next gen IS.. next gen IS means Next gen ISF ... mmmmm
  23. I'm really hoping the hour glass shape and the spindle grill will be much more aggressive and pronounce on the new LS. Everyone one that said they know people who hate it. I know as much people that love it. That cancels that out. LS needs to stand out its the flagship so I am hoping Lexus goes bonkers. Excited can't wait to see the new flagship
  24. this is for sure a new LS right and not a refresh with the grille since theyve already done a midlife refresh? car's headlamps look similar. Im excited and awaiting these new models as lexus pulls em out pretty quickly. The exterior should be impressive but i reckon the interiors gonna be amazing considering this is the LS. I really love the new GS now. seeing one in my office parking lot, the lines are a lot crisper and better looking in person. Cant wait for these new models!
  25. Sd

    I've yet to see the new GS in flesh, but I'm sure it will look nice.. The LS is all about interior
    • GS is all about the interior as well. You should definitley check it out in person.
    • I've seen the new GS at the Detroit Auto show, but they compared nothing to the GS F-Sport in Obsidian I saw in daylight. The natural lighting make the car beautiful. Made my jaw drop and head turn as I drove by as it was parked
  26. Good spotting Kevin! How do you do it? :)
  27. The second one should be the new IS.
  29. I actually found this 3 days ago and other than the St. Louis Lexus dealer, no one posted about
  30. Correction: posted about it.
  31. Is it just me, or is the second picture the CURRENT CT? If you look at the CT on, it sorta already suits the spindle grille in such a way, but its not like the GS...
  32. Is it just me, or is the second picture the CURRENT CT? If you look at the CT on, it sorta already suits the spindle grille in such a way, but its not like the GS...
  33. The "new" LS is not a new LS.
  34. I'm surprised that no one discovered this beforehand like I did on Friday(especially this site) as it seemed only the Mungenast blog and I knew about it until Monday, yet still no one has seen the non-F Sport/Fmodel LS600h I posted on CL and GCF. That one, instead of this one has the regular grille that will likely be seen on most models.
  35. I know that many customers should hate that Lexus begin to do as BMW or Audi, construct all the range very similar, but I understand this politic in design. For one hand, is to have a strong image of brand, IS, GS, LS very similar. For other hand, can be necessary to have more efficient way to design and construct all the components for their vehicles. I think that my explanation isn't going to convince all the people but well, I think that's the reason. P.D.: I would like that this possible LS is going to have the same interior than the CT and not the GS, because the CT is much more comfy than the GS's and in my opinion, much more stylish.
  36. Wqi

    At first I was against the spindle grill.. But now it looks so nice.. It looks so much better than Audi's stale gaping hole grill..
  37. I've always been a huge LEXUS fan. They make the best  riding vechiles in the world. I can't wait to see the rest of the LS.
  38. Is it me or has it really got the full chrome surround? Because if we look at the CT and 2013 GS, only the upper grille has chrome surround. On the ES and RX, it goes to the bottom, but there is no horizontal strip at the base. On the LX it goes three quarter way down. This seems to get the full treatment.
  39. The upper part is chrome while the lower part is brushed metal.
  40. It also has an aggressive "GS" front type fascia. If you play around with brightness/saturation you see F-Sport grills side vents similar to the F-Sport GS body kit
  41. I just want to see a great render of the next generation LS now that we know what the front will look like.  Hopefully someone very talented will create a realistic render and post it soon.  I have scoured the internet and cannot find a good one.  Thanks in advance to any takers. 
    • The 13 LS is a major model change, not a full model change. Therefore, picture the current LS with the rear treatment of the next gen ES plus a remote touch interface, and you'd be 95% there.
    • What do you mean by "not a full model change"?. I pretty much think this is a major restyling with no relation with the previous one. The current LS has been out here since 2006, and we got to see this next year, then we are talking about a almost 7 years-old model, time enough for a fully and complete restyle. Besides, the LS is the flagship of Lexus, not giving it a major change wouldn't make any sense now that we know Mercedes is about to show his redesigned S-Class, BMW is about to facelift his 7 series and the A8 is almost new.
    • Come back to this post when it's announced. :-)
    • Seriously, do you have any source, fact which can confirm what you are saying? I have already given you what I thought, but you haven't done anything to prove me wrong besides "is not a full model change", "wait until you see it".
    • I've seen the full car in person.
    • Then, tell me the difference between a major model change and full model change. The next generation of the LS will look completely different from the one we've seen. This is the same thing we had with the LS430 and LS460. Two models completely different. Anyway, any ETA for the LS? Winter 2012? or early 2013 at the NAIS?
    • A FMC is like going from the LS 430 to LS 460, new drivetrains and body structure.  The 13 LS will retain the body structure and engine choices (600h and 460).   Most of the interior (glovebox, seats, armrest) is the same.  I've driven too many LSs not to immediately recognize them. I am assuming the reason was because cash was short as a result of tsunami cutting production and wholesales to dealers and it was cheaper to make a major change versus a full change within the slotted timeframe. That allows TMC to divert funds to engineer FMC for models that are longer in their lifecycle like IS and GS.The 13 LS will get Enform 2.0 with Remote Touch, a F package option and and new sheetmetal changes/creases.  The rear looks like the new ES. Toyota did a similar Major Model Change to the Avalon in 2011 to make it competitive while extending the lifecycle until the FMC was ready.
    • What kind of job/connection do you have?
    • Did you ever work in CO or currently work in CA?
    • Even tho Lexus and Toyota didn't perform well last year due to the earthquake and the tsunami, I believe Toyota still has money enough to invest in R&D. The IS is just one year older than the LS, and considering the LS is the flagship and the most well-known sedan of Lexus, I don't believe Lexus will cut off his budget for the IS instead of the LS. The LS might be an enlarged platform of the GS or just a new one, but I don't think they will keep using the old one from the LS460, taking into account that it was changed from the LS430 to the LS460, just like the one we've seen from the 3GS to the 4GS. Nothing you have told us so far demonstrate anything which can lead us believe you have seen the LS.
    • Ok, I'm wrong and I vow not to spread any bad or misleading information anymore.
    • James, is not about who's lying or who has seen the car. Every comment and argument I've shown you, it has been backed-up by facts and figures, while you just keep "speculating" with no sources to confirm your argument. You can obviously say whatever you want (we are in a free world) but if you wish to be believed, then try to back-up your comments with facts. I appreciate all insights you have given us so far, but please, try to make it real.
    • What value does a render made by someone who hasnt got a clue - but knows how to use Photoshop - bring anyone? Only people who works for Lexus' development knows what this car is going to look like. Everything else is pure guesswork and doesnt have any value at all!
    • That's completely your opinion Thomas.  Every enthusiast is interested in what upcoming models will look like prior to their release.  The manufacturer will tease images and delay full exposure until the last minute to build momentum but I would like to see some projections of whats on the horizon depicted by quality renders that appear across all of the major magazines monthly and enthusiast auto sites such as this one.  I agree with Jake, this is considered a major redesign for the LS however slightly predictable due to whats been the conservative nature of Lexus - that is, up until now.  Change is in the air at Lexus and I'm a curious prospective buyer that's not sold on the GS but willing to wait on the new LS if the design is compelling.  I stand by my take that there are enough clues to the outcome of the upcoming LS design for a very talented artist to craft an image that may not be 100% accurate but close enough. There is no need for you to reply unless your that graphic artist that can grace us all with you work - its not a debate, simply a request. Thank you in advance.
    • It's not an opinion, it's the only valid logical conclusion. Lexus hasnt teased images of any upcoming LS or IS or what this car may be. Just this frontal view of what MIGHT be the LS. Magazine renderings are just guesswork and dont tell you anything about how the finished design will be like. That is by now Lexus' secret. Why anyone would want to waste their time looking at images that an incompetent designer wannabe has dreamed up and presented in a magazine or a blog, is beyond me. Here's a video for you from a magazine. It says its the new 2013 Lexus LS!!! It event says its exclusive!!!! I really would not advise you to base your future car purchase on it though...
  42. This is ofcourse the new IS 300HYBRID. Looks really promising!
  43. My predictions on what The Next LS will be: 1.  The styling up front we've seen.  The rear end won't copy the new ES/GS, but will be similar.  The area between the A and C-Pillars, the "greenhouse" won't change much at all. 2.  Interior materials will be upgraded, and interior volume will grow slightly, without much change to the wheelbase/length.  Similar to what happened with the Toyota Camry and Lexus GS. 3.  5.0 V8 from the ISF will be used, but tuned to 400HP, torque increased, and the engine note/high-revving nature neutered.  LS500 becomes the name. 4.  The hybrid loses AWD as a standard feature, and loses weight overall by over 400 lbs over the LS600hL.  EPA MPG:  25/30.  Power goes up slightly to 450HP. 5.  Weight will hover around 4250 for the LWB LS500, save 100 lbs for the base car.  The hybrid will come in around 4500 lbs.  AWD model about the same. 6.  Car gains displacement, about 20 HP, and EPA economy goes up to 18/25.  Lighter weight is a benefit here. 7.  Sport Pkg is optional, but a new LSF model adds a turbo-charger to the V8, taking power to 550HP 8.  Price for car will rise significantly, becoming similar to the Germans.  SWB starts at $75k.  LWB starts at $80k.  Hybrid price drops to around $100k.  LSF is $130k. If Lexus is really "bullish" on the hybrid, they should consider having the SWB "base car" be the hybrid model, at $75k, and the LWB be the standard V8 only, starting at $80k.  But then the power would be similar to the ICE V8, not superior. BD
  44. This would definitely be the new LS Hybrid or LS Hybrid F-Sport. You can tell by the Lexus logo which has the distinctive hybrid blue outlines and the traditional triple LED low beam headlight setup. I posted these pics on another site about a week and a half ago. I wouldn't be my life on it... but to the person claiming to have inside knowledge of the upcoming LS, I don't see how your comment makes sense. I have lightened up the photos, and you can clearly see this isn't the same sheet metal. The car is wider, has a more sculpted sportier look, and is also a lot more aggressive. I didn't like the headlights at first sight, as they seemed kind of boring as compared to the current generation, but now I really like them. Adds character. The first pic is the original sized photo and the second is a blown-up copy. Both images have been enhanced. You can even see the outline of the folding side mirrors and also the area where the foglights would typically be. They don't appear to be present on this model. Instead, there seems to be the same sporty mesh that's found on the grille. Further proves this could be some sort of LS Hybrid F-Sport.
    • I like your perspective on this, but I hope you are not insisting that you posted these photos 1.5 weeks ago, if so you are not being honest and possibly lying. There was no trace of images from this LS teaser until March 14th when Mungenast posted them(the NAIAS wall display is where a small, barely visible inset of this car was even last seen). Even then, there were no secondary postings nor commentary until I uploaded it. I was the next person(Carmaker1/CMK1) to snapshot this image, even comment on and post it at ClubLexus on March 17th. Suddenly afterward, news came about it on March 19th from here and everyone else(websites) followed. I suspect somehow both my own contribution and Mungenast's blog are responsible for this information spreading around quicker, as no one else seemed interested in Katsuda-san's interview and knew about it. These images were taken in December 2011.
    • I'm not a mathematician with a degree from Yale or Harvard, but doing the math using the dates you posted (dates I was already aware of since I follow several Lexus fan sites on Facebook and I specifically remember the date the original video and photos were posted) which were from this original article posted on the 14th ... that will equal just about TWO weeks. I stated a week and a half ago. The link I posted was in its self posted on Facebook on April 15th and I commented on the link at 4:35am EST as evidenced and proven by the following link I uploaded. I posted a thread about the new LS on an automobile fan site on March 18th. That was nine days ago. I first found out about the supposed new LS on April 15th. So now we're talking about 12 days ago. Exactly WHAT are you refuting to my chagrin??? You wrote me a thesis statement of essentially irrelevant information that has absolutely nothing to do with my situation. I love self-righteous jackasses who swear to God they have one iota of what's going on and that they're proving someone wrong, like they are some Nancy Drew of the internet world, only to end up looking absolutely and utterly stupid due to them not being able resist the urge to mind their business. Next time, princess, before you want to write novels to people calling them out... make sure you have some concrete facts so that you don't end up with expired egg all over your face. Are we about done here, sugarplum. I think enough keystrokes and my valuable time have been wasted, although I do love making people look like the absolutely douchebags they are.
    • Not sure what the point of all this is -- I don't think it really matter who found what.  I linked back to the original source and the Lexus St.Louis blog that confirmed this was the LS in my post. Let's leave it at that.
  45. I didn't even notice this one extra thing until further inspecting the photo. In my enhanced image, you can also see what appears to be the general outline of the traditional foglight area. I have further lightened that area to make it more visible. See how large the mesh-covered area is, in my photo? This really looks to be some LS Hybrid F-Sport model, much like the GS Hybrid F-Sport.
  46. Ok, all done with this. Thread locked while I sort this out.