Interview with the Head of Lexus, Kiyotaka Ise

Lexus Chief Kiyotaka Ise

Lexus Magazine is running an interview with the Head of Lexus worldwide, Kiyotaka Ise, who hints at some of the changes we can expect to see in the near future — let’s quote some of the more salient points:

LEXUS: We’ve seen some dramatic changes to Lexus vehicle design in the last 12 months. But how would you say Lexus is changing?

Ise: We want to move towards “progressive luxury.” We are aiming to make Lexus cars even more advanced in their use of technology—and their design will show this.

How will that be reflected in their design?

…[all models] will share sharper body language and a stance that conveys their driver-orientated focus. But each model will express its distinctive personality through details, such as the treatment of the front and rear lights. Expect significant developments where the headlamps are concerned.

When will we see this evolution in action?

It has started already with the LFA, new GS, and LF-LC concept. During the next 14 months, there will be significant changes several models—either new cars or revisions to existing ones.

We also strive to offer something beyond their expectations—the first generation of LS and RX are good examples—and we have more innovations in the pipeline.

We’ll be offering customers greater opportunity to personalize their new cars, too.

Although I’m curious to see the “significant developments” coming to Lexus headlight design, the one response that really stood out was the reference to the first-gen RX & LS — referring to those two models specifically would suggest Lexus has something major in the works.

Read the full interview with Lexus Chief Kiyotaka Ise


  1. How much longer must we wait?!
  2. I know right. The flagship LS needs to be out of this world stunning. 
    • The LS Flagship is being copied by Hundai and others......cutting edge, and world class leading is a must.....I would like to see a stretched version extra long wheelbase that competes better with the MB and BMW...the "L" version is still 4-5 inches less than the German's.    I am thrilled to see that LEXUS is focused on their headlamp and tail light design to be distinctively different with significant new developements...this will further show with the new "Spindle Grill"  a LEXUS presence at first glance. LOVE IT !
    • Yawp, LS needs to be in equal length with Merc & Beemer. I have high hope that the next LS will be super gorgeous and big. Like a proper full size super saloon should be.  P.s. I hate/despise hyundie/kia so so much. I wish them the end of the world. Literally. 
  3. "We’ll be offering customers greater opportunity to personalize their new cars, too." - Yay!
    • I've already mentioned kinda asking for this previously here:  I'm glad they listen to their customers. :-) I love the new GS and I believe the reason they held back a GS-F is because they wanted to see what type of feedback they will get on the new GS body plus maybe give them time to work on a whole new engine that may blow our minds. What I can't wait for is the new IS. That car is gonna look so sick.  My assumption/forecast for the IS: 2014: new design that will be show cased June 2013, new improved chassis, regular: soft appealing version, F-Sport and IS-F will look extremely aggressive. Manual and automatic versions of the IS-F turbo/supercharged. I also sense that the L-design headlights and rear lights will flash when in sport mode/hard braking. Let's see what the future holds. I would just love an extremely futuristic car, ahead of the game but sporty as hell.
    • I've been told by my local dealer we'll see the new IS at the Paris Auto Show this autumn and it'll go on sale next summer,and yes:it'll be a real feast for the eyes.
  4. “significant developments coming to Lexus headlight design" - If you think about it, what major developments have been made in past 5 years in headlight design. Daytime Running LEDs have been around with Audi for awhile, and are now on multiple car brands. Halogen are in everything now a days. HIDs can be easily installed. LED headlights are already available on LS, RX (tech package), GSh, and CT (tech pack). Do you think Lexus has been researching a whole "NEW" development in headlight design, lets say something similar to what was showcased on LF-LC (they did say it would show designs that we would see on future Lexus models) that have the ability to not be encased in plastic outershell that makes all headlights similar, but lens be individually covered. 
    • I sort of agree with you however I don't think they will enclose the headlights in their own shell, that would prevent them from moving left and right when turning. I believe the next thing will be the L-design DTR that was shown on the LF-LC.  But I think this is what they will do: Something similar to what Audi and BMW currently have which is a new headlight exclusive to Lexus so an L in the headlights but infused into it like the current A8.
  5. JB

    Without a doubt the triple LED headlamps of the hybrid cars must spread to the entire line if they really want a unified design language, this would include the base models. It shouldn't be something like an option. What they COULD do is just offer basic triple projectors with base models, and have premium models be with LED. The LF-Gh and the the LF-LC's headlamps are just beautiful and I'd say even more distinctive than the spindle grille. With these two characteristics in combination, Lexus will achieve a lot in the future! 
  6. I think they are going to offer a new crossover similar to the Venza.