Interview with the Head of Lexus, Kiyotaka Ise

Lexus Chief Kiyotaka Ise

Lexus Magazine is running an interview with the Head of Lexus worldwide, Kiyotaka Ise, who hints at some of the changes we can expect to see in the near future — let’s quote some of the more salient points:

LEXUS: We’ve seen some dramatic changes to Lexus vehicle design in the last 12 months. But how would you say Lexus is changing?

Ise: We want to move towards “progressive luxury.” We are aiming to make Lexus cars even more advanced in their use of technology—and their design will show this.

How will that be reflected in their design?

…[all models] will share sharper body language and a stance that conveys their driver-orientated focus. But each model will express its distinctive personality through details, such as the treatment of the front and rear lights. Expect significant developments where the headlamps are concerned.

When will we see this evolution in action?

It has started already with the LFA, new GS, and LF-LC concept. During the next 14 months, there will be significant changes several models—either new cars or revisions to existing ones.

We also strive to offer something beyond their expectations—the first generation of LS and RX are good examples—and we have more innovations in the pipeline.

We’ll be offering customers greater opportunity to personalize their new cars, too.

Although I’m curious to see the “significant developments” coming to Lexus headlight design, the one response that really stood out was the reference to the first-gen RX & LS — referring to those two models specifically would suggest Lexus has something major in the works.

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