Soul Meets Machine: Two Commercials from Lexus New Zealand

Lexus New Zealand has released two superb commercials for the 2013 GS:

There are also three infomercials to further explain the concept of Takumi:

Kokoro wo komete, or soul meets machine, fits well as a Lexus slogan — really impressed with this campaign.


  1. Japanese engineering at its finest!
  2. LOL! well, that's a unique strategy by the advertising company in new zealand... not bad, i guess.. 
  3. I have been suggesting this type of Japanese engineering and Heritage advertising philosophy and very glad to see it......we need this in the USA as a fresh new approach to refinement, perfection and ultimate quality in the finest would confirm the LEXUS strategy is why it is the BEST and set it further apart from the Germans. I say bring it to the US and lay it on heavy. Quality, Service and long lasting product is what made LEXUS what it is the world why and where it comes from.....the Japanese unique ways of details behind details.
    • In US, mixing national heritage or products with products perhaps is not a good idea... Also, Lexus is already well-known in the US..
  4. I enjoy the way the Lexus brand embraces the Takumi concept.  The realization that even through technological and industrial advancement, there is still a vital place for the master craftsman.