2013 Lexus GS 350 F Sport Recalled for Steering Issue

Lexus GS F Sport Recall

Lexus has announced a voluntary safety recall for the 2013 GS 350 F Sport that affects approximately 650 owners — here’s some details:

On certain early 2013 model year GS 350 F-Sport RWD vehicles, the ECU for the VGRS system could cause the steering wheel to become off-centered when restarting the vehicle immediately after the vehicle is parked with the steering wheel turned. Dealers will update the VGRS ECU calibration to address the condition.

The repair is expected to take approximately 30 minutes — affected owners will be notified in early June.

Visit the Lexus website for more details


  1. Recall already for such a new product? Hope it is the last one.
    • Yes I cant believe it also, my parent were just thinking about getting the 350...
    •  It wouldn't affect your parents' future purchase.  If a recall has been issued, all the cars on the assembly line after the affected VIN are already repaired, and all new cars in dealers are repaired before being sold. 
    • yea but there is a mindset once you hear the word recall you tend to shy away from the car brand. I wonder if they will drop the price a bit? They wouldn't budge on the price last time we went to get the GX after the recall
  2. at least lexus is calling their cars back. BMW and Merc doesnt even bother. at BMW lol you would repair this at your own cost.
    •  Um, not true. The costs and fixing of a recall at BMW, Benz etc. is taken care off by the manufacturer. The customer won't have to pay a dime.
  3. BMW,MERC,AUDI people who own these cars lol are very happy driving defected cars
  4. Lets get it together Lexus !
    •  Lexus has it together.  Minor issues like this are nothing to be alarmed about.  Its a voluntary recall...drop your car off, get a loaner, your car gets filled with gas, and when you pick it up its all clean and the "issue" is addressed. Hell, other car companies wait until the NHTSA gets involved before issuing a recall...
  5. It's not a life and death recall here, so don't over hype it, I'd be more concern about the airbag problems,engine failure, brakes on any vehicle recall, cmon now, this is a 30 min fix for crying out loud.
  6. I want to say that new stuff always have problems, but I've had continuous VGRS problems in my 2003 LX 470 as well.
  7. Hereee we go again...