New Commercials for the 2013 Lexus RX

Two new commercials for the 2013 Lexus RX have been released today — first up is the RX F Sport:

Even though I would have preferred something less conceptual for the RX F Sport, I had to laugh at the laser beams.

The next commercial is even more cerebral:

(Reminds me of the giant-book RX commercial — wonder if that was intentional?)


  1. Krew! Do you like this?!
  2. I am really liking the new face on the RX. It looks younger and a lot more fun to drive.
  3.  0:18   slammed RX :)
  4. The F Sport model definitely looks nice. Not sure how I feel about the base model though. I always thought the waterfall grill looked really classy and appropriate on the RX.
  5. This car is just badass especially the F Sport I watch this commercial about 17 times just can't get over the beauty people will definitely go for the F Sport I hope the reviews r just as good if not even better than the new GS Lexus new blood type is defiantly a winner now they cover the final part performance
  6. Utr

    Hahaa nice ad.. Love the engine rev noise..