Winding Road Comparison: Lexus GS 350 F Sport vs. Audi A6

Winding Road: Lexus GS 350 AWD vs. Audi A6

While I’m lukewarm on the Winding Road article comparing the Lexus GS 350 F Sport and Audi A6, the accompanying photo gallery does a good job of visually contrasting the two cars.

(So far, every comparison test with the GS 350 has featured an Audi. Enough already.)

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  1. Truth About Cars just did a comparison between the GS & 5 series BMW.The GS won!
  2. i think its pretty fair to have the GS against the A6 consindering effectively they're the cars that are both vying for the 3rd position behind the E-Class and 5-Series in terms of sales....but yeah wouldnt mind a bit of 5 series action.
    • PG

       Exactly, they are the cars competing for 3rd position sales-wise. And apart from that, the Audi seems to be the technological benchmark of the class, which is not surprising considering it came out after the 5 and the E-Class. Therefore, it is only natural that the GS is compared to the benchmark A6.
    • Not saying it doesn't make sense to put the GS up against the A6, I just want to see some Mercedes/BMW comparison tests. 
  3. I thought it was a good subjective article. It shows that both cars should be respected and each one offers something a little different. There are some nice quality touches to the Audi that I prefer over the Lexus, but it's the Lexus that is in my garage.
  4. The reason they compare the A6 to the GS is because the 5 series, the E-class and Infiniti are clearly dynamically inferior to the GS and only the A6 currently can be competitive to the GS.
    • I certainly won't claim to be an impartial observer, but from my experience driving the GS/5-series/E-class back to back, I have to agree with you. (Funny thing was, the Audi was supposed to be part of the event, but it had mechanical issues and was sidelined.)
  5. 90% of people shopping in this class don't care about driving dynamics. I have both a Lexus LS460 and Mercedes E350 Convertible and I am happy with both their driving dynamics. The LS is composed and competent, the Mercedes is dynamic and sporty in its own way. I certainly have no complaints about the way both cars drive and I certainly don't engage in sporty driving on backroads. I like comfort-biased cars that are COMPETENT handlers. And every luxury car today is a competent handler.
    •  Some people prize driving enjoyment above just simple comfort. That's why these are called luxury cars - you can get to have BOTH Driving fun AND comfort. For driving fun, the Lexus GS is at the pinnacle of its class right now. Read between the lines of this article - the author baiscally described the Audi as uncommunicative and numb but said it in a nice roundabout way.