Motor Trend Comparison: 2013 Lexus GS 350 F Sport vs. BMW 535i, Audi A6, & Infiniti M37S

2013 Lexus GS 350 F Sport Comparison Test Motor Trend

Motor Trend has compared the 2013 Lexus GS 350 F Sport against the Infiniti M37S, Audi A6 3.0T, and the BMW 535i, and found the GS F Sport to be the best of the bunch:

Nimble, balanced, precise, and quick, the GS is a (retired) BMW cloaked in Lexus steel. At 3834 pounds, the GS is the lightest of the four and it feels it — turn-in is sharp and accurate, and weight transfer, whether lateral or longitudinal, is neutral and composed. The Lexus proved the most entertaining, rewarding, and confidence-inspiring up, down, and along our demanding Malibu road loop. Ultimate driving machine? Oh, yeah.

In driving feel, the Lexus does exactly what you want it to do — it shrinks around you. Yet, when it comes to pampering, it opens up, inviting you into the richest, most aesthetically pleasing cabin in its class.

There have been times that I’ve considered never reading another Motor Trend article, so it’s hard to turn around and get too excited about the results of this comparison test — even so, I have to admit that the GS 350 F Sport taking first against this competition is a very big deal.

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  1. For once MT sounds like they are not on a German company payroll.  This still doesn't mean that they (and Car & Driver) are any better magazines than they were yesterday.  They are still both German Fanboy garbage mags. 
  2. I know we are all Lexus fans but if I wasnt a Lexus fan I would have to admit that the GS is the best looking out of all of those! Great job GS-F sport! SO PROUD! :DD
  3. How come they didn't the E350 sport in the mix? hmmm
    • Mercedes-Benz PR declined our invite, saying they'd prefer to participate when the refreshed E debuts sometime next year Read more: 
    • this is posted by motortrend please read the full article on the link posted. :D [+]
  4. PG

    Great! Seems like Lexus' new, sportier direction is starting to pay off, at least in terms of perception by the magazines.
  5. WOW!! Lexus is winning in almost every way! Competition getting stiffer with the new Ultimate Driving Machine! #LexusGS [+]
  6. AWESOME. Even if the GS didnt win it would still be the car I would take home... its just that good. 
  7. AWESOME. Even if the GS didnt win it would still be the car I would take home... its just that good. 
  8. AWESOME. Even if the GS didnt win it would still be the car I would take home... its just that good. 
    • I got mine last month. But I didn't get the F-Sport because, it is the same power and same sport mode. And interior brushed aluminum didn't look very luxurious, wished they used carbon fiber look like the ISF, I love my 2013GS350
    • Have you driven the F-sport model of it? If you have are there immediate differences you can feel right off the bat?
    •  I have. Stiffer suspension. Slightly better handling but bumpier ride.
  9. I appreciate and applaud the effort of Motor Trend on this review, they embodied the true tenants of journalism with their truth, candor, and objectivity.   It's just good to see some truth for a change with these big car mags, and I hope they continue on this path.   It's not about being a "fan" of one brand or another, for whatever reason, but just telling the truth.   Also, about not unfairly bashing one brand or another, unduly, and not having a favorite brand that wins "just because" without proper justification.   Good job on this one Motor Trend, not because the Lexus won, because you told the truth on all accounts, and were fair and objective.   Keep it up, and maybe your credibility can be fully restored in the future:-)
  10. Well deserved win. I really hope this inspires Lexus to create the Lexus GS-F with a naturally aspirated V8 from IS-F putting out 500 HP. Yeah sure, it will not have as much power as the M5, but on sheer driving dynamics and excitement, it could win everyone over.
  11. I must be in the minority here but these are overweight luxury cruisers, not sports sedans. They'll never be as nimble as a 3 series or IS or G, which are the true sports sedans for enthusiasts and are also somewhat affordable. Plus, the majority of people buying these cars don't care about sport (even those that bought BMW 5ers in the past).
  12. After winning over C&D on subjective scoring, and now this, I must say that Lexus is on a roll, and I love the new direction Lexus is taking!
  13. This article shows how awesome the new GS really is, If motor trend actually says something good about a Lexus it must be even better than we thought :)
  14. I agree with crew Motor Trend finally got their head out of their but and wrote a good article
  15. I feel exactly the same as you do about Motor Trend.They lost all credibility with me after that LFA article last year.Seeing how the Lexus took first over it's rivals in this article though,I can just imagine how much flack MT is taking from their usual readers.As for the BMW,every publication I have read states that the previous generation handled better.
  16. I had stopped reading Motor Trend after the sht show of the "best driver's car" last year and how unfair it was to the LFA. Now, Motor Trend has come through and delivered a great article, which seems very fair to each car. Still, I am sure people at European forums might be having repeated strokes over this.
  17. This is a big deal. If Lexus doesn't come out with a GS-F churning out 500+ HP after this, someone at Lexus needs to be fired. 
  18. what made MT have a change of heart? Maybe they were tired of lying all these years and karma came back and bit them in the balls. We should have seen these results since the first gen ISF came out it was beating out most of the competitors
  19. Lexus should also make a V8 to compete with 550i or just another (more powerful) version of the hybrid and then GS F because the gap between GS 350/450 and F model is way bigger than it is supposed to be. It would be a pity to limit the potential of the car cutting the choice to 3 engines only.
    • Just going over my notes from the GS press event last year, and it was mentioned that the last-gen V8 GS 460 only made up 5% of sales -- that explains to me why there's no V8 option, especially if there's really a GS F on its way. In the meantime, I believe the Lexus thinking is that the GS 450h is at least comparable to a V8.
  20. Love love my 2013 gs 360, Truly the best car ever.
  21. BMW is still a BMW. Lexus will always be an expensive Toyota and Infiniti will always be an expensive Nissan.
    • So is Audi just an expensive VW?
    • Bob

      I have a BMW 535i and it ROCKS!!  Blows the doors off of any Lexus which is as interesting as a refrigerator with wheels.  Lexus is BOOORING!  Very sterile to drive.  I still get goose bumps when I throw the Beemer into a hard curve..=)
  22. "Back to the drawing board, Ladies."       - Lexus GS BD
  23. I just leased a GS 350 Lexus F Sport. It is the perfect blend of class and performance. You have the option of driving it as a luxurious, smooth riding sedan or changing it to Sport Mode and morphing into a road beast! Lexus continues to crush the competition with this car.