Lexus Named Top Brand by Norwegian Drivers

Lexus Norway Wins

Lexus swept all four categories of the 2012 AutoIndex customer satisfaction survey in Norway, placing first in car/driving, dealer/sales, service, & brand loyalty.

The survey, which polls 17,000 Norwegian drivers, awarded Lexus with 911 points overall, beating second-place BMW by 47.

Read more at Hegnar Online (translated)


  1. Wow ! hat's very good !
  2. Way to start Lexus Europe's bright future! [+]
  3. Does it help to have satisfied customers when they sell only about 400 cars pr. year? About 300 of them sold cars are CT's, the rest are mostly RX's.  Lexus needs a new SportCross if their aim is to sell more cars in Europe.
  4. Lexus sales figures are improving greatly in Europe,and I think the new GS and upcoming IS and smaller cross-over (CX?) will increase sales even further. In my hometown,Tromsø;home to the worlds northern-most Lexus dealer, the CT is the second best selling car overall. Not bad at all! :-D
  5. Lexus need more engine options in Europe. Both more and less powerful. I would have changed my old IS300 long time ago for an IS350, but only IS250 is available. CT also needs a more powerful 300h.  I hear the new GS will be 450h only here in Switzerland. How many sales is that top-of-the-line model expected to make compared to the 520d and E220CDI which cost a little bit more than half of the GS450h price?
    • I think a CT 300h is coming,and a GS 300h.
    • My own feeling is that we'll see a GS 300h, IS 300h and CT 300h. Not sure when, though.
    • I think that we'll see a  CT180h: Based on the Prius C AKA Aqua: 1.5 + hybrid wich could give a big boost in the already good CT sales in Europe.
    • Hmm, IMO the CT200h has the absolute minimum power required for a "premium" car. It can't do much more than keep up with freeway traffic as it is - keeping it over 100kph uphill brings it way out of the comfort zone. Unlike my previous 200, the 1st gen IS. Not a fast car either, but it always had a little extra to give. The CT doesn't. Doing something less than 200h should be for a pure city car, like a Lexus parallel to the Cygnet or something.
    • Lexus' engine strategy in Europe is puzzling, but my understanding is that it's something that's being looked at very carefully. I don't expect engine options to be so limited in the future.
    • Im fine with the engine options. The only option you have is a 6 cyl. badass engine! I wouldnt want Lexus to stoop down at f.ex. Audi's level and offer inferior enginens. The engine IS the car!
    • Ids

      Yeah I completley agree with Thomas The IS350 is one crazy car, the V6 under the hood is very powerful.. Drove many Audi's and even their upper models were very slow & sluggish.. Even the IS250 was faster..
  6. I've never been to Norwegia, ok? BD