Video Overview of the 2013 Lexus ES

Here’s Bill Camp from Lexus College with a nice overview of the 2013 ES:

One thing I wanted to highlight from the video is the debut of a brand new option called Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, which detects oncoming traffic when reversing out of a parking spot — here’s the graphic illustration:

Lexus ES 350 Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert will debut with the new ES in August, and I expect it will be offered on other Lexus models soon enough. Great feature.


  1. Lexus is biting the competition so hard, even its mainstream rivals that were also presented in the NY Auto show cannot stand the ES' new form and power. Kudos Lexus! Props to Toyoda-san for making a big leap once again! [+]
  2. anyone else notice at the 1:03 mark in the video the remote touch is a round dial?  What is that?   Also what options are there besides the na, ML, parking sensors and heated wheel?
  3. WhatI find really cool is that Toyota has been using the same "low gas" icon over all these years. My 1992 Camry has the same icon when im low on gas. I find this cool !
  4. New interior rocks !
  5. is this made on the Camry platform? Was this developed in Germany like the GS? Also why do they still use 6 speed gearboxes whereas the germans are onto 7 speeds and dual clutches? Thanks guys!! 
    • This car was developed on the new avalon platform. Which is an elongated camry platform (4 inch longer wheelbase) the car was developed and engineered in the US. The avalon will als o be built in the states, i'm not sure about the ES though. This might also happen because of the high Yen.
    • No doubt that Avalon is having Camry's platform as base ... and actually the "new Avalon platform" is pretty much same as old except new Suspension design which made it lighter & better handling , also with Sport Mode .
    • Platform and suspension are two seperate things. Lexus increased body rigidity with the use of high tensile steel and super high tensile steel. Probably more welding spots as well. You'll get a more stable quiter ride and better overall handling. It could be an evolution of the old platform i'm not sure. It doesn't really matter On top of that they improved suspension and subframe again for increased handling and overall comfort
    • PG

      Neither do I understand why they chose the 6 speed. It may be very smooth in operation but it's simply technologically backwards compared to the competition with 7, 8 and soon 9 speed boxes. And as we know the 8 speed fits in the RX F-Sport, I don't understand why they didn't put it into the ES.
    • I don't get the obsession with all the gears. It doesn't add much other then a lot of shifting and perhaps better fuel consumption and slightly improved acceleration Cars with 8 gears often skip one or two and the gearbox tends to downshift with the slightest of gaspedal movement. Nice in a more sports oriented car but itncan get a bit brestless imo So i would expect one in the F-sport version when it comes out and I would have expected it in the GS F-Sport version.
  6.  Its awesome!!! Really good explaining video.
  7. The new Avalon is pretty sick!. 
  8. Bill camp is awesome! hes a very good instructor at the lexus college too.