Lexus Teases “Masked Machine” on Twitter

As strange as it seems, Lexus has posted a photo on Twitter of a mystery vehicle hanging in the air from a crane:

Lexus Mystery Vehicle

The accompanying tweet reads:

It’s on a crane and under a cover. What is this masked machine?

Considering the ES is debuting next Tuesday at the New York International Auto Show, I’d say it’s a safe bet to be the masked machine under the blue tarp — in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the ES being delivered to the Javits Center for its unveiling next week.

(The car’s identity notwithstanding, how about those LFA-inspired wheels? So awesome.)

Update: Looks like it is the next-gen ES — Lexus updated Twitter with this photo:

2013 Lexus ES 350 Revealed

If this is indeed the specific ES that will be on display next week at NYIAS, it’s a great debut color.

[Source: Lexus Twitter Account]


  1. I sure hope you're right! Or GS Hybrid?
    • Good question, moreover, GS450h recently started its production in Japan so they might just getting it ready for the auto show.
  2. Who knows, could be the next IS
  3. New Lexus ES350 : :)
  4. Is that the ES? Look at the lights... 
  5. Ofcourse, it is the ES
  6. Just look the front door's line , that only happens on the FF car .
    • What about the door??
    • The door line is very close to the front wheels , that won't happens on anything FR ... so , it's clear that this would be a ES (because it's long too) . That also explained , why FF car have bigger cabin space with the same length .
    • Yeah FFcars have more interior space due to no driveshaft connecting to rear, transverse engine.. It's a more compact & light setup.. Not to mention FF has no inertia power loss and a car accelerates quicker.. Also easier to perform wheelspin!
  7.  ES F-Sport or ESh
  8. has lexus forgotten about the gx? like isnt the gx going to get a spindle grille?
  9. That's the Hudson River and the Jersey shoreline in the background...... BD
  10. Wow, not bad. 
  11. Isn't that exterior color the now-ubiquitous Nebula Gray Pearl?
  12. I Hope The IS Looks Good